Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pizza Pahhhhty!!!!

It's the day of the Pizza Party, y'all!!!  :-)

OK - so last night's whoopie pie making session was a success.  Of course, it took FOREVER, but it was well worth it.  They seem to have come out quite well, but I haven't tried one yet.  I'll report back after the pizza party and let you know how they were received.

I took a few pictures of the process -

Direct from the oven.....

A cooled, pyramid of cakes....

Filled, wrapped, and ready to go!!

Scooter, hoping a pie will fall his way.
No such luck!!

Have a great day everyone!!!


Jim S. said...

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Blobby said...

Scooter is SO adorable!

Ur-spo said...

yummy !

wozzel said...

ooh. looks yum!
Give Scooter one! hehe.