Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Billy!!!

Today is my brother-in-law Billy's birthday.  Since I really didn't have a clever title in my mind for today, he gets the honors.  Hooray for him - I hope they do something fun for him, he deserves it...super-duper guy.'s Wednesday and we had a delightful weekend. 

Friday (as you know) was our anniversary, and we spent it with my parents!  :-)  They actually came down to our place and we went out to 'The Grille' for dinner.  They've heard us talking endlessly about it  and they wanted to come down and see what all the hype was about.  As it turns out, they LOVED it.  I knew they would.  We had a great dinner with them and then Jim and I hung out there for a while (after they left).  Before we went home, we stopped by another local place (yikes) where there was some SERIOUS karaoke happening.  Jim sang a few songs (I'm not a big karaoke fan), and then we headed home for a game of Skip-Bo followed by b-e-d.

Saturday we spent the majority of the morning/afternoon by the pool.  It was SO nice to just hang out and relax.  Of course, I had to take off around 1:30 to go to my softball game, but other than that, it was a lovely afternoon.  The game was fine...we played well, but it was against a Division 1 team, so we lost (oh well!).  When I got home from the game, I showered and then started grilling.  Yay!
Our friend Katie was over for dinner and we all enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner of fresh corn on the cob (which Jim rode his bike to pick up at a local farm), homemade potato salad, and BBQ chicken.  SO good. 
After dinner, we took a ride down to Plymouth to get a cupcake at Cupcake Charlie's.  It's a fairly new place that makes CRAMAZING (crazy + amazing) cupcakes.  I got an Oreo one, Jim got a Peanut Butter one, and Katie got a red velvet one....they all looked and tasted incredible.  If you're anywhere near Plymouth - GO!!!! After our delicious cupcakes, we dropped Katie off and headed back home to call it a night.

We got up on Sunday morning, ha some breakfast, and then I pretty much headed out the door for softball.  My last THREE games of the regular season.  Yes, three games in one day.  And it was a hot, humid, sweltering day.  The bad news is that we lost all three games.  The good news is that we played really well, had fun, and we didn't finish last in our division.  Second to last - yes.....but not last!!!! :-)  Those were the final games of the 'regular' season, but we have playoffs to deal with next (don't get me started).  We play again on Saturday the 7th of August, and if we lose two games that day we're DONE.  However, if we do well in the playoffs, we'll finish things up on the 8th.  We'll see what happens.

After playing three games on Sunday, I FLEW home, showered, and then Jim and I met K, B, and {b} for dinner at Johnny Macaroni's - excellent, as always.  Dinner was great, chatting was great, and then we finished up the night with an ice cream (or frozen yogurt) at a local ice cream shoppe (olde tyme spelling) which was fun.

I had Monday off, and didn't do much more than run errands and chores around the house.  Monday was the day we were having our driveway paved (YAHOO!!!) so I hung out a bit to make sure they were all 'settled' and then I met up with my friend (and faithful blog reader) Joanne, for coffee.  We chatted about our reunion and her up coming vacation...JEALOUS.  After coffee, I returned home and saw that the driveway was TOTALLY done.  I couldn't believe how quickly they finished it.  It looks amazing and I'll be sure to post the pictures once we get them off the camera and onto the computer. 

Yesterday was busy as ever at work, but I'm hoping for a calmer day today.  I have a few meetings (annoying!) but nothing too stressful.

Have a great day, one and all!!!

Sunday dinner :-)

Photo by Barrie


wozzel said...

You sure have a busy and fun filled life happening there :)

HAPPY Birthday Billy!

Blobby said...

You bold that Jim rode his bike. Is this a big thing? Did he finally get the training wheels off or something?

AJohnP said...

HA! Actually, his bike was sitting unused for a long time and he recently dusted it off and started using it again. Also, the place he rode to was pretty far away. Hence the bold type. :-)