Friday, July 30, 2010

Hungry Horrors

When I woke up this morning I was RAVENOUS.  What the hell is that about?
I usually find myself a tad hungry in the morning, which makes sense, since I'm up at 5:15am and my last meal was about 11 hours earlier.  However, for some reason this morning, I was SO hungry.
Maybe it was because I went to the gym last night before dinner and my metabolism was all screwy?
Who knows?  What I do know is that I still haven't eaten yet.  Thankfully, my morning coffee seems to have dulled the stomach grumblings I was dealing with earlier and once I'm done writing this, I'll have my morning oatmeal.  YAY!!!

It's a BEAUTIFUL morning in New England.  It's not too hot and there is zero humidity.  LOVE IT.  Jim and I parked on the driveway last night for he first time and in spite of what I feared, we didn't wake up to find our cars sunken into the asphalt.  Phew!  I was extra happy about the 'cool' weather for that reason as well.  The cooler it is, the quicker the driveway becomes more 'secure'.  Hopefully  we won't have any issues with the warmer weather, but even if we do, the people who did the driveway told us to just give them a call and they'd come out and fix any dents or the like.  Thanks, driveway people!!!

Jim and I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of us.  I know  - UNHEARD of.   In fact, Jim was out in the yard last night, weed-whacking, mowing the lawn, etc...and I was inside cleaning the house, so we have a completely 'chore-free' weekend.  Nice.  We're heading to the Cape on Sunday with all of Jim's family to celebrate his brother's birthday, so that should be fun.  His sisters and his sister's family are currently on vacation in CA (San Francisco and L.A.) but they'll be joining us on Sunday, so I'm sure we'll hear all about their amazing trip when we see them.

I'm SO jealous. I'd love to go to CA, especially San Francisco.  Jim has been 3 times, and I've never been.  I've been to San Diego and Anaheim (Disneyland), thanks to Rex Trailer Tours in the 80s - and I loved every minute of it.  But come on.....that was when I was in the 5th grade.  I think I'm more than overdue for a return visit.  Yes?!?!
I may be accompanying Jim to Chicago in October for his yearly conference, which would be FUN (for me at least...he'll be working) but that's still up in the air.....I'll keep you posted.

OK, my friends.....I've rambled on long enough.  It's time for me to go grab some coffee and then eat something before I whither away into nothingness (watch it....)

Good luck to all my friend in 'The Producers' at The Company Theatre!!! 
Tonight's their opening night, and I'm SURE they'll be fantastic.  :-)

Happy Friday!!!!!  xoxo

Photo by Zoe Bradford

Also - here are some 'after' pictures of the driveway.....


Cubby said...

I've heard of detached garages, but a detached driveway?

RG said...

Your poor lawn looks like it's going through chemotherapy! LOL Don't worry - mine does too! Isn't there a pool hiding behind that fence, of which I have never been invited to take a swim in?

Ur-spo said...

ravenous hunger is a sign of pregnancy.