Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short week....

Praise be to Jesus, I'm lucky enough to only have to endure a three-day work week this week!
Jim and I both have Friday and Monday off, and we're going away to NH for the weekend.  We're going away for 'GENTS Weekend' which is something we do every year.  I sang with the 'New Hampshire Gentlemen' (an all male a Capella group) back when I was at UNH and every year the group's alumni, their wives, husbands, families, etc. along with the current group all go away for the weekend to a 'resort' in NH.  It's SOOO much fun, I can't even wait.  Of course, I have a TON of work to do before then, but 'm not worrying about that right now.  :-)

This past weekend was GREAT.  Jim and I got SO much done around the house, and we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun as well.  We saw a lot of friends, had time to relax, but also managed to complete the ENTIRE 'to do' list as well.
The pool is now totally ready to swim in, the back yard and all the gardens are looking good, the entire pool area is all cleaned up, and I managed to put together a gas patio heater, and a new gas grill without blowing myself up.  Of course, I haven't tried to use the heater yet, but the grill is up and running just fine - so I'm totally confident that the heater operation will be just as successful.

I've GOT to grab some coffee and shake off this morning's commute which was ATROCIOUS, so I'm taking off. 

Have a great day!!!  :-)

The new patio heater

Scooter, relaxing, while I assemble the grill.....

The new grill

Jim, and a yummy dessert the he made....

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Ur-spo said...

I have experience tending pools and waiter work. Can I be a pool boy? I pride myself in service.