Monday, June 21, 2010

5 day work week? How rude.

I was just looking at my calendar this morning when I got into work and realized this is the first 5 day work week I've had to 'endure' since the week of May 10th! Unheard of.
Thankfully, it's the last one I'll have to struggle through until the week of July 19th.  :-)

I hope all you fathers out there had a great day yesterday, and if you're not a father yourself, I hope you did something nice for your own fathers and/or husbands (or both!).  For those of you who no longer have fathers to do something nice for on Father's Day, I know how difficult it can be, but I'm sure your dads were in your thoughts throughout the day yesterday, and that certainly counts for a lot!!! 

Jim and I hosted a Father's Day BBQ at our house yesterday that was SO much fun.  I had a softball game early in the afternoon, but I managed to make it home around 3:15, changed out of my softball gear, and fired up the grill!  My dad and Betty were there along with Jim's parents, Jim's sister Barbara and her family, and our brother-in-law's dad (who's wife recently passed away).  I was so happy to see him there and was glad that he spent the day with all of us.  Later on in the day, Jim's brother and his family stopped by for a quick swim and some dessert.  Everyone had a great time.  We had a ton of food, plenty of games were played, and LOTS of time was spent in the pool, since it was VERY warm out.  Even Scooter joined in on the fun and had a great time showing off his swimming skills for everyone. 

The rest of the weekend was equally as fun, and in spite of my softball team not quite looking our best on either Saturday or Sunday, it was a nice weekend. 

I went up to NH on Friday night to see the production of RENT that my friend directed and it was VERY good.  After doing the show for 5 weeks and then seeing another production of it recently, I was afraid that it was going to be torture to sit through, but it most definitely wasn't.  He did an excellent job with this show, and had a great cast.  They were totally age-appropriate and he had a super talented group of 'kids' to work with.  SO good.  The audience seemed to share my opinion and from what I could tell, they had a great time.

Well, on Friday morning (the last time I wrote) I was heading out in the afternoon to the 'Car Seat Clinic' being held at work - remember?  So, I headed out to the parking lot at my allotted time and met with the policeman in charge.  As it turns out, the two car seats we were given were in great condition, BUT they were just about 7 years old, which is pretty much the 'expiration date' for car seats.  BOO!
After the policeman told me that, I was like 'OK, no problem, I'm glad I brought them and had you take a look at them as opposed to using car seats that I shouldn't be using.'
He said 'Well, that's one of the reasons we do these check-points, so that we can be sure that people are not only installing them correctly, but that they're using seats that are up to code.  Since yours are too old, we can replace them for you. It's all part of a federally funded program.'
Yes....that's right.  He took the two, un-usable car seats from me and gave me two, brand-new car seats (literally out of the box) in their place....and he showed me how to install them.  I was BEYOND surprised and couldn't thank him enough.  I kept waiting for him to take them out of the car and send me on my way, but he didn't.
I was thinking about it later on and I figured that it's probably a super-rare occurrence for someone to show up with an out-of-date car seat (never mind two of them!).  Since they have them to give away, they're probably happy when they see someone who can use them.  In the time I was there, four people showed up and they all had car seats fresh from their baby showers, so they were all up to date and brand new.   I'm sure that was the case for the majority (if not all) of the people who came to the clinic that day.
I will say that one of them is a tad 'girly' - but seriously I couldn't care less.  Jim thinks it's a sign that we'll end up with twins....a boy and a girl.  God help us. 
Either way, we're SOOOO grateful to have been given them, and it's a huge relief knowing that they're up to date and brand spankin' new. 

OK, my friends.....I'm going to get to work now.....have a great day!!!

This is the one I LOVE! 
In case you can't tell, those are green and brown elephants. 
So cute.

This is the 'girly' one, but seriously - it's kind of cute.
Not to mention the fact that I was reading about it online,
and it's received nothing but great reviews.
SO lucky.


Ur-spo said...

I will say that one of them is a tad 'girly' -

oh heavens, it can anything be that much?

Cubby said...

I think they're both great.