Friday, May 28, 2010

L-O-N-G Weekend!!!!

I'm so excited for this weekend!!!! 
Not only is the weather supposed to be lovely, but I won't be at work!!!
Actually, as crazy as work has been over the past few weeks, I'm at a point now where I'm getting a lot accomplished - which is always a nice feeling.  One of the V.P.s I work with came up to me after one of our meetings last week and told me that I've made a 'very good impression' over the past few weeks.
I asked her what she meant, and she said that a lot of people have had very good things to say about me concerning our work on the new application. 
Well, THAT'S always nice to hear.  I guess I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing...which means I should probably get back to work.  :-)

Quick updates on a few things....

We got the estimate for the landscaping work and it was WAY more than we expected, so we're going to get a few more estimates an hopefully find something more affordable.  We still may go with the guy we talked to, but we're going to wait and see.

We also received an estimate for the paving/increasing the size of our driveway.  That estimate came back a bit closer to what we expected, so it looks like that will actually happen this summer.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.  Of course, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I don't have to tell've heard it all before.  I've always wanted it paved, but since we got rid of the trees in our side yard we're now going to make it a bigger driveway.  So exciting!

The pool was opened yesterday and aside from looking like The Swamp Thing's summer home, it looks like everything is OK.  It'll be crystal clear in a day or two, I'm sure.
We notice this morning that one of the pipes attached to the filter seems to have a minor leak, but it looks like it might just need a new seal on one of the connectors.  Hopefully, that's all it is and it won't cost a lot to fix.
Fingers crossed!!!

Alright everyone....have a GREAT weekend and I'll 'see' you all in June.....

Self-Portrait for a Friday morning



Jim S. said...

You're cute.

AJohnP said...

Sorry Jim, I'm a married man. ;)

Cubby said...

When I glanced at your headline I thought it said "B-O-N-G Weekend". I immediately grabbed my atlas and starting plotting a course to Boston!

Have a great weekend fellas :-)

Ur-spo said...

You have such a lovely smile
Back off Jim S. He's mine!!!