Friday, June 18, 2010

CRAZY week!!!

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but this week has been the craziest week.
I had Monday off, worked Tuesday and Wednesday, went to a wake on Wednesday night (more on that in a moment), followed by a funeral (and the day off) yesterday, and here I am, back at work on FRIDAY.

So, as I mentioned above, Jim and I were at a wake and funeral this week for Susanne - our brother-in-law's mother, who passed away on Sunday night.  (She was the mother-in-law of Jim's sister Barbara)
Normally, you wouldn't think that you'd be all that close to your sister-in-law's mother-in-law, but since Barbara's husband John is an only child, his parents were invited to any and all holidays with Jim's family. 
She had scleroderma for many years and unfortunately she finally lost her fight against it last Sunday.  I'm not all that great when it comes to funerals, and this one was especially difficult because our nieces and nephews were quite upset over the loss of their 'Nana' - BUT I managed to keep it together (mostly) and get through the day without embarrassing myself too much.  :-)
It's truly one of those situations where she's in a 'much better place' now that her suffering is over.  Of course we'll miss her, but as it is with any loss - we have lots of great stories to tell that will help us keep her memory alive.

Jim and I received our 'official' signed letter from the state stating that we are 100% approved and licenced to be an adoptive family in the state of Massachusetts.  YAY!!!
So now we're 'officially' waiting.  :-)  Yes, we've been waiting all along, and it's really no different beyond the fact that now were waiting - with all our paperwork signed.  Just for the record, we submitted our initial application, which said that we wanted to begin the process, on June 26th of last year - so the entire thing has taken just about 1 year.....CRAZY. 
Now we 'officially' wait......

Speaking of babies.....I currently have two car seats in my car right now.  The town in which I work is offering a free 'Car Seat Clinic' today (at work) and I've signed up for one of the slots.  Basically, a car seat 'expert' from the police department is going to show me the proper way to install the car seat in my car. 

Jim and I were given two car seats that are in excellent condition.  I not only need to know how to put them in my car correctly, but also make sure that they're up to code.  Our sister-in-law Emily (who runs a day care) got them for us from one of her families.  Apparently this person's brother and his partner (another gay couple) adopted twins and are no longer in need of the two infant car seats.  From what I've gathered, they adopted the twins, but they quickly outgrew the infant seats (the kind that face the back of the car) so the ones that we have were hardly used.  They certainly LOOK brand new to me.  I also looked online to make sure neither one has been recalled, and so far everything checks out.  Hopefully the police officer today will give me the final 'all clear' that they're OK to use and we'll be good to go.  Of course, if there's even the slightest possibility that they're not up to code we'll be at Babies 'R' Us first thing in the morning.  :-)

OK - I'm getting back to work.....after I grab a cup of coffee, that is.

I'm heading up to NH tonight to see a production of 'RENT' that a friend from college  directed/choreographed so that should be fun.  Yes, I know....RENT.....AGAIN!?!?!?
But this one I'm confident will live up to my expectations and be a great show.  I'll let you know on Monday. 
Tomorrow I have an early morning softball game, followed by a softball fundraiser in the afternoon/evening.
Sunday I have more softball, followed by a Father's Day pool party/cookout at our house.
B-U-S-Y weekend.  Busy, but fun.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!

This is a new purchase for the kitchen.  One of our favorite stores is going out of business and they're having a huge sale (everything 40% off!) so we decided to buy it.  I REALLY like it.
Scooter was very interested in it as well and clearly needed to be photographed with it.  :-)


wozzel said...

yay for the adoption eligibility!!

have an AWESOME weekend.

Bear Me Out said...

Congrats on your seal of approval. I'm ready for you two to adopt me. But I won't need a car seat, just a car.

RG said...

Has your dog "marked" your new furniture acquisition yet? LOL

MOJA said...

I need that for my kitchen! I dont have a place for my mixer...where did you get it??

Ur-spo said...

Congratulations on the adoptive news!!!!!!! hurrah !