Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you for being a friend....

My apologies to Larry over at Patently Queer for getting to this SO late in the week, but I didn't want to just tack it onto another entry and so much has been going on this week, I hope he understands. :-)

Anyway - Larry gave me a 'Circle of Friends Award' on Tuesday and as a recipient of that award, I am to now list 5 things that I enjoy or like doing - and pass the award on to 5 others.


All Things Broadway - this will not surprise anyone who's even peeked at my blog for more than a week or so. I love everything about the Great White Way!!! Whether it's seeing a show, visiting a Broadway chat room, or listening to cast recordings non-stop - it's certainly part of my day to day life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Blogging - again, not a shock, I'm sure. I love writing my blog and try my best to write something each day (I generally take weekends off) but even more, I LOVE reading all the blogs I've grown attached to over the past year....and I get sad when people haven't written for a while.

New Hampshire - for some inexplicable reason, I have always loved New Hampshire. I ended up going to college there and loved every minute of it. It's always been a great place for me to 'get away from it all' and whenever I'm up there I always have a great time.

My Friends - I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of people that I call my friends. They're always there when I need them and they never fail to make me laugh. Whether it's friends from my childhood, college, the theatre world, and even my newest friends from 'town' I love spending time with them. Yes, my husband is included in this group...he's my best friend of all.

Softball - Not in a million years would I have ever thought that I'd enjoy playing a sport, but I absolutely do. I love my teammates and even with all the political crap that goes on 'behind the scenes' - getting out there during the summer and seeing all those people having a great time makes me very happy.

Now it's time to pass the Circle of Friends award on!!!! If I select your blog as an 'award winner' - you're supposed to do the same thing I just did. Of course, if you don't - I won't tell anyone. :-) I may end up presenting the award to people who have won it already, but whatever. It's my award to present, so suck it up.

Up and Up - this is the first blog I ever started reading. I found it via a theatre chat board and turned out that it was a home-grown Southie boy writing it. Who knew? It runs the gamut from hysterical to touching - but it's always entertaining.

Spo-Reflections - I have no idea how I found this blog, but I started reading it and found myself going back every day which is a clear indication that it's wicked cool. It's written by Dr. Spo...he's a shrink (he says it himself, so it's not a bad word) in Phoenix so clearly he has lots of great things to say. And as if that wasn't enough; he makes his own shirts AND he can quilt. Done.

Are You There, Blog? It's Me, Stephen - Again, I have no idea how I found this blog, but I saw the title and instantly fell in love. Stephen is a theatre savvy, singer, actor, and Cabaret STAR in Chicago and he is hilarious. He and I instantly bonded over our love for 'Strangers With Candy' and it's been going strong ever since. :-)

mennonno sapiens - In a strange twist, this is a blog I read that has more of a political slant to it. I know, right? Me and politics? Strange. Since I'm able to understand it and ENJOY it, clearly means that it's more than just political. It's SO well written, funny, and it certainly doesn't hurt that I agree with 90% of the stuff he's saying on there. He too, is a Boston fella and bears a VERY strong resemblance to Hugh Laurie (sorry, I had to say it) :-)

Brettcajun - It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include Brettcajun in this list. Other than Up and Up, he was the other blog that began it all and got me writing. In fact, most of the blogs I read today I found through his blog. Apparently he's got GREAT taste.....aside from the fact that he was elated when the Saints crushed the Patriots a couple of weeks ago. He's a true Southern Belle ;-) and anyone who makes music videos, starring them and their roosters is all right in my book.

Well kids, those are just 5 of my favorites....I urge you to visit any of the other blogs listed in my blog list. Chances are, you'll find SOMETHING you like.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!! xoxo


Stephen Rader said...

You're the sweetest man on the face of the earth! Thanks for the lovely blog award and your kind words. Could you possibly come up to Chicago and explain to everyone here that I'm a cabaret STAR!!! I don't think peeps here in the Windy City got or read the memo! :)

And I will tell this to you and you alone: As I held that baby in my arms last night, one line kept going around and around in my head...

"Seventy G's on the black market. Twice that if the eyes stay blue."

Amy said...

*hands on hips* ...because I need more blogs to add to my daily reads?! ;-)

RG said...

Mr. Mennonno is a hottie and a half. YUM.

cb said...

Why the fuck is MY blog not on there?!?!? ;-)

Ur-spo said...

I thank you for the mention.
You are a dear.
I am grateful for having found you this year.