Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now I'm a Believer

Let me start off my saying that last night's session was VERY cool, totally worth the time and money; and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Let me also say that I, personally wasn’t ‘contacted’ by anyone - which is OK. Initially I was a bit disappointed because out of the 5 of us that went together I was the only one who didn’t have anyone ‘speak’ to them, so I felt a little bit excluded. However, in thinking about it now, I’d much rather have no information given to me than try and force information out of the medium so that I felt ‘included’. Besides, I’m sure that all the people I know on the ‘other side’ were probably spending the night at some bar or at a party, having a few cocktails. :-)

Anyway – it was really quite interesting. Jim was ‘contacted’ by his friend Brian who passed away while they were in college. The medium had a LOT to say about him and really described Brian’s personality perfectly. He had a lot to say to Jim and there were some VERY specific things that she brought up that related to Jim and Brian. I can’t really get into all the details here, because it just won’t come across ‘right’ in reading it, but a couple of specific examples were that Brian was commenting on the fact that Jim was in the process of painting (which he spent the entire day doing) and that in general that Jim has been ‘neglecting’ his creative side. She said that we had no framed pictures of Brian anywhere and that he wanted Jim to take one of the two pictures Jim has of him tucked away somewhere, enlarge it, and frame it.
One of the craziest things was that during the chat with Brian, out of the blue, the medium asked if we had a dog.
Jim answered yes and then she said “Well, Brian says the dog likes him – and always knows when he is there.”

Say what?

One of our friends then asked her if the odd things that have been happening at our house can be attributed to Brian, and his response was “I’m not doing everything!”

It was cool.

Some of the other people there had some really specific things mentioned about their family members and loved ones that have passed on (names, places, events).

When the medium was ‘talking’ to one of the women’s husband who had recently passed, she told the woman that her husband kept talking about flowers and kept saying that she should go out and buy them for herself because he wasn’t there to do it. Well, as it turns out – up until he died, the woman’s husband used to bring home flowers for her every Friday night on his way home from work. She also asked the same woman if she kept a picture of him on her nightstand (which she did) and if so, he liked it being there and it should be kept there.

Were there things that were mentioned that were totally generic and applicable to the average person?? Absolutely.
But there were SO many specific things mentioned as well, that it REALLY made you think twice.

One last thing….when Jim got up this morning, the water fountain in our Christmas Village was turned on. It definitely wasn’t on when I went to bed or when Jim got up to use the bathroom at 2am (I always make sure all the lights in the house are off before going upstairs). When he noticed it was on, he went to go shut it off and the switch was in the ‘OFF’ position. As soon as he looked at touched it, it went off.
I know from past experience that it’s a super sensitive switch, but even so, the timing of everything was quite spooky.

Have a great, great, day!!!!


Larry Ohio said...

You gave me goose bumps! That experience you had is so cool!!

AJohnP said...

Larry - thanks for the award! I'm not ignoring you - that's going to be my post for tomorrow. :-)

Jim said...

That is totally cool John! I am a believer in this stuff! AT least you know who may be the ghost now and that it's a friendly one.

Kyle said...

Now that is the experience you should have with a medium. Awesome! I'm so happy that Jim's friend contacted him. Part of the ghost mystery solved.

John, don't be disappointed about not being contacted. Maybe things are as they should be for you. Maybe there just wasn't the need. Maybe next time. I'm assuming at some point you'll try again?

Amy said...

I'll be more than happy to sell you my house in FL if you really want some experiences. ;-P

Ur-spo said...

creepy uncanny experiences never fail to excite.

RG said...

They're heeeeeeeeeeere!