Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Almost finished....

Well, the decorating is coming along nicely, but for some reason, this year it is a CHORE! Of course, I'm speaking for Jim, because he's the one who's been dealing with the brunt of it. :-)

He's been trying to get all the outside lights up and running, but has run into one problem after another. Just about every string of lights that we bought last year is now broken....BUT not completely broken - just random sections aren't lighting up. IRRITATING.

Jim has managed to make it all work and the outside is looking FANTASTIC.

I'm pretty sure the outside is all set, so we can now concentrate on getting the inside of the house completed. Hopefully we will be 100% finished by Wednesday night.

I came across a show on TV that was on last night called 'Find My Family'. It was all about adopted children that were in search of their birth parents and/or lost siblings. I'd seen the commercials for it, and it certainly caught my attention, so I decided to give it a chance.

Well, I thought it was pretty awful.

The main host of the show (Tim Green) is HORRIBLE. Apparently, he's a pretty well-rounded fella!! He's a former NFL football player, sports commentator, lawyer, author, and father of 5. He's certainly not bad looking but good lord, he made everything feel so manipulative and incredibly tacky (you WILL cry, whether you want to or not!!).

Everything came across as totally fake and he cried every chance he got. It was beyond irritating. I can't wait to bring it up in our next MAPP class to see what the others think of it -assuming they've watched.

It does bring up a few good points about how these adopted kids were raised though. All of them commented on how they grew up their entire lives knowing they were adopted, so that wasn't ever an issue. They all felt that 'void' (grief and loss!!!) as they got older though, and that's what brought them to the show, in search of their birth families. There was no mention of how the adoptive parents felt about any of it though, and I think that's a huge thing. Maybe that will be covered in a future episode - or maybe it was on a previous episode.

I'm also interested in seeing how they'd deal with coming across birth parents who have either passed away or STILL want nothing to do with their birth children when they realize they're being 'searched for'. I feel like that would be a more realistic situation, as opposed to the two stories they covered last night which had relatively happy endings.

I'll have to keep watching...as much as it pains me to do so. :-)

That's all for today, my peeps.....have a good day!!!

This is the host I was talking about.....good looking, yet annoying.


Larry Ohio said...

My nephew and his wife adopted 6 sisters from a single family several years ago. The birth parents were/are crack addicts. I wonder if and how much the girls talk about their birth parents. I rarely see them but I'll try to remember to ask that if an appropriate entry in the conversation presents itself the next time I see them. The oldest one is nearly 16.

Teezy said...

I came across your blog through a link.

The "I got somethin' to say" title intrigued me—so here I am.

Since I read that you are planning on adoption,I did want to let you know that I have an adopted brother and he has since adopted my niece. Growing up, and to this day, I have never considered him anything but my brother, and the adoption thing is truly a non-issue.

When he was a teenager he did want to meet his biological family and our parents did not stand in his way. I know that it was a little painful for them. They considered my brother their son and it was difficult to see his desire to look outside our home for family.

His reunion was bitter-sweet. His biological mother is an alcoholic, his uncles deadbeats wanting money. Fortunately, his biological grandmother was a great person and he did develop a good relationship with her.

My niece is now eleven and her biological family wants to contact her. She was adopted out of an abusive and neglectful environment. She doesn't remember her life before adoption and has expressed the desire to meet her biological family—a difficult decision for my brother and his wife.

Adoption is a great way to start or extend a family but not every aspect of it is a warm-fuzzy, made-for-tv moment. I haven't seen the adoption program on television, but the premise makes me question it's relevance as "entertainment".

I wish you luck with your adoption—from reading your blog, it seems like you and your partner will make great parents.