Friday, December 4, 2009

Movin' Right Along....

Jim and I got a call yesterday from the Department of Children and Families. They want to set up a time for them to come out and see the house, and begin the 'home screening' process!!!!

This is really happening. :-)

I know, I's still a long way off, but considering the fact that about a month ago were hadn't heard a THING, it's very exciting. We've got three out of 8 MAPP classes behind us, they're planning a visit to our house, and Noreen (nhrn) mentioned that she'll be contacting us soon to set up a time for us to go and get fingerprinted. Apparently all foster/adoptive parents need to be fingerprinted and checked out nationwide - how very C.S.I. !!!!!!

(Sorry....I got a little carried away with the George Eads 'Google Image' search)

That was our exciting event for yesterday!!

Other than that, last night we cleaned the house, put away all the fall decorations, and dragged down the BAZILLION Christmas decorations that we have.
We put some stuff up, but it was getting late (well, late for us) and we decided to sleep rather than continue decorating.

Tomorrow we take our annual trip with my college friends to the Yankee Candle 'flagship store' out in Deerfield, MA.
It's been a yearly event for SEVERAL years now and I can't even wait!!!!

Have a great weekend, and I'll 'talk' to you soon......xoxo


RG said...

Congrats on the upcoming inspection! Don't forget to put away the "magazines" you know what I'm sayin'? LOL

Yankee Candle - you're so going to smell the like the inside of a Grandmother's purse when you leave. LOL

Amy said...

Exciting! I hope everything goes perfectly!!

Kyle said...

An inspection, now that is exciting! Moving along, that's good..

Ur-spo said...

indeed, how exciting - everyone is using the "E" word I see!

Anonymous said...

enjoy Deerfield...did I ever mention that Eaglebrook School is there where Jose used to work...just down the road and up a is on a ski slope. LOL Dont buy more tree decorations!! Sounds like you have enough...just buy one that will go over well with your home visit...something like Babies first Christmas!!! :-) Super exciting stuff. Love you guys!