Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll take that, in a MEDIUM...

Jim and I are attending a 'session' tonight with a medium. Yes, that's right...a medium.
As in someone who regularly has contact with the spirit world.


Our friends have heard good things about her and saw that she had an event coming up, so they bought us tickets. It should be interesting because it's being held in a little antique store in the center of town and the event is limited to 15 people. Now, there's no guarantee that she'll have something to say to all of us, but since there are 5 of us in our group, I'm hoping that at least one of us gets some 'information'.

I've never been to a medium or anything similar before. The closest I've come to anything like that was getting my cards read at the Regina Russell Tea Room back in the city where I grew up - and that was fairly generic and not all that exciting. But the idea of a medium totally intrigues me.

Maybe she'll have a message from our 'house ghost'? Or maybe from a family member that has 'passed on'?

Either way, I'm a little nervous, but also very excited...

I'm pretty sure that several readers will really be into this, so please - if you have any advice or personal experiences with mediums, feel free to share.

I know that you're supposed to go in there with an open mind - so I've got that part covered, but I'll take any more advice that you may have to offer!!!

In other news, it's snowing like crazy here but it's supposed to turn to rain in a few hours. Surprisingly, my commute was totally fine this morning. Apparently the snow kept all the lunatic drivers in check. :-)


Anonymous said...

OMG...I cannot wait to hear all about it!


Larry Ohio said...

I'm one of your readers who is really into this. Be sure to give us a fully detailed report tomorrow.

Kyle said...

Well, this is interesting and totally unexpected John. I hope you have a good experience.

I've only seen one medium, who was a fake by the way. Grossly fake and a self serving asshole. But, I'm a bit sensitive about it since it was my first relationship and I couldn't see what was right before my eyes. How almost twenty years can change that.

Thankfully, most are not like that. I'm sure things will be swell. Looking froward to hearing about your adventures.

AJohnP said...

Yikes Kyle - that sounds horrible.

I'll definitely post an update first thing tomorrow morning!!

Jim said...

COOL... let me know how it goes!

RG said...

Usually you go for a Large not a Medium. Beats the hell out of a small any day. *giggle)