Friday, December 18, 2009

I survived the office 'pot luck'....

Like so many other people I know, I am NOT a fan of the office 'pot luck'.

It's one thing to have a pot luck with people you know and love (see Tuesdays post) but it's QUITE another thing to take part in a pot luck with your co-workers - most of whom you have never laid eyes on before.

It's especially daunting when you work with a very 'diverse' group of people.

We have a separate web site for all the testers, and that is where people were asked to RSVP to the pot luck and also list what they were bringing.

Here are a few of my favorites (I'm copying them verbatim from the site)

I will bring in Chiken Appetizer and one desert (Gulab Jamun)
I will bring a Fatata
I will bring Tropicana Juices
I'll bring venison meatballs and finger rolls
Salad with mixed nuts
I will bring "Chana Masala"
Will bring Various Chinese All Time Favorite Dishes
Hi - I will bring in assorted Totino's Pizza Rolls
And then this last one was a group entry:

Kavitharoy - Samosa
Prashanth - Ice Cream
Muthu - Veg Biriyani
Raja - Mango Lassi (Mango flavored yogurt drink)
Suresh - Tamarind Rice
Bhaskar - Cut Fruits
Ravi – Sprite

As you can tell by the sampling above, there were a lot of International dishes to choose from.

Now, I'm certainly into trying new foods, but I'm not going to try something new and exciting made by a complete stranger. Sorry!

I played it safe and had some fried rice (brought in from a local Chinese restaurant) a couple of meatballs (made by someone I know) and half a chicken salad finger sandwich (again, made by someone I know) so I didn't go hungry. :-)

So, that was my exciting day in the office yesterday.

I only have to make it through today and Monday - then I'm on VACATION until January 5th.
I'm not going anywhere, so you'l still here from me - don't worry.

So. Very. Excited.

Jim and I are having some of the softball gang over tonight for a little holiday cocktail party and I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a small group (some of my teammates and a few other randoms) but it will be nice to see everyone.
None of our friends ever gets to see our house decorated for the holidays, so that will be a nice change.

Well that's all folks...I'm going to raid the office fridge and see if there's any leftover Fatata and Chana Masala (which, by the way, I totally thought was someones name when I first read it. Nice.)

Have a GREAT weekend and I'll be back on Monday.....xoxo

Here are some more pictures of the house. The outside shots are a bit blurry, but you get the idea. They were taken last year, but it pretty much looks the exact same this year, so I figured it was OK to post them. :-)
The inside shots are from this year though.....

This was my mother's nativity scene (yes, they're Hummels). It was given to me after she passed away and I've put it up every year since I moved out of my childhood home.


Amy said...

Sprite and Pizza Rolls. If that doesn't say 'Holiday', I don't know what does.

Ur-spo said...

these dishes made me laugh
in my old midwestern cook books 'exotic' means italian and 'chinese' dishes when you add chow mein noodles.

A Life Less Complicated said...

Oh my! I got quite a giggle from your potluck list!

The house looks beautiful!! :)