Friday, September 10, 2010

Work At Home

Our department recently 'kicked off' the new work from home program.  Since it's a new initiative, they're only allowing people to work from home one day a week for now.   After they test that out, and do some analysis (I assume) they'll consider expanding the number of days you're allowed to work from home.

Apparently, I'm the only one on my entire team (which is made up of 7 people, including my boss) that didn't take part in the program. 

As many of you know, I currently work a 'Compressed Work Week' which allows me to have every other Monday off.  I basically have to be in the office for 9 hours a day, working 8 of those hours, with one required 15 minute break, and one required 45 minute lunch.  Working through your lunch in order to leave an hour early is unacceptable.  If you look it up in our department guidelines, that's how the policy is written out, but naturally, that's not necessarily the reality.  Thankfully, my boss is super cool and doesn't watch my every move with a stop watch in hand.  He totally trusts me and knows that I'm going to get my job done without having to babysit me - which is SO great.

Anyway - if I were to take part in the work at home program, my work at home day would automatically be Monday, which means that I'd never physically be in the office on a Monday.  Some Mondays I'd be at home working and other Mondays I'd have completely off.  Some people here think that I'm crazy for not doing it, but I'm still very much on the fence about it. 
I hear endless stories of people who work from home saying that they get SO much more done at home, because they aren't distracted, no ones bothering them, there's no noise, blah, blah, blah.  However, I feel exactly the opposite way.  When I'm at work, I'm here to work.  Sure, there's the occasional distraction (loud co-workers, people stopping by to chat, etc...) but I could list about 100 things that would distract me at home if I were trying to work.

First of all, if I were on my own PC at home, Id have access to each and every website I could ever want to visit during the day (get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking about Facebook, YouTube, and the like)

Second, I'd have to constantly fight the urge to watch daytime TV (Ellen, The Food Network, etc...)

Third, I'd have to lock the cabinets and refrigerator in order to keep myself from 'grazing' all day long,

And most of all:

photo by Barrie :-)

I know for a fact that he would be ALL OVER ME if I were at home.  Even on my days off when I'm at home he never leaves my side and always wants to be on my lap.  Sure, I could ignore him, which would make me feel badly, or I could switch his daycare days so that when I'm home he's not - but to be honest, the idea of working from home just doesn't appeal to me.

Maybe I'll change my mind once the winter rolls around and all my co-workers are still at home, warm and working in the pajamas, but until then - I plan on keeping work AT work and not bringing it into my home.   

What do y'all think?  Do you think I'm crazy?  Or do you see where I'm coming from????

Have a GREAT weekend, and happy Friday to you!!!!


Dead Robot said...

I'd never get dressed. Why working at home is both awesome and terrible

Cubby said...

Looks like you got it all worked out. But don't forget to factor in the time it takes to drive back and forth to work, and the costs (parking isn't free, is it?), not to mention the risk of driving on a highway full of maniacs. Those factors all have weight.

In the end I think you're right. Addictive internet applications like Facebook could potentially endanger your job and would almost certainly lower your work ethic.

RG said...

Unfortunately, I can't set-up, breakdown, or otherwise manage my office's conference rooms without me being there. So much like you, I like to keep work separate from home.

Peter said...

I work from home every day, which will result in working odd hours. When I can't sleep I work at 3 AM and get complaints about emails send at that time.

The main thing is that the job is done, but regular hours are far better.

cb said...

That dog is so effing CUTE! I lvoe brown and white pups!

Blobby said...

Scooter is indeed cute as all get out. Who wouldn't want him around all day?

That being said: I CAN work from home every day if I opted. I do it about once a week though.

I too thought I'd be distracted by laundry, tv and such, but it's just the opposite. I start work earlier, end later and end up skipping meals all together. It is a bad habit.

Sophie does like to be with me at all times which is great - for a while and then she just gets in the way and doesn't nap or anything. I love her, but.....

I almost need to go to the office to get a break.

Ur-spo said...

My ADHD would be all over the place; but I would appreciate having luncheon at home.

Jim S. said...

Its true you get so much more done, but you get it done in a condensed amount of time, freeing you up to play with the dog or watch Ellen.

BosGuy said...

Working from home is not for everyone. I live in the S.E. and have an office in downtown, but I rarely if ever go in. I've found working from home is much better - I'm far more productive and happier. However, I know others who have really struggled so it really comes down to what work will allow and what works best for you.