Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes....

I had a very fun dream last night.  It involved Jim, myself, our friends K, B, and {b}, as well as a host of Broadway 'fancies' including (but not limited to): Audra McDonald, Will Swenson, Seth Rudetsky, and Carolee Carmello, to name a few.  Crazy, right?  I wont go into the specifics of the dream because it was just odd.  We were all gathered at a shopping mall for an event of some sort and even though we were surrounded by Broadway stars, we were all hanging around together like we were pals.

Anyway, the really strange part of the dream was that I was smoking in it.  Say what?!?!? Yup, I was standing around with everyone and casually smoking, like it was nothing. 
Mind you, I haven't had one, single, puff of a cigarette since I quit on June 4th 2006.  I do remember in the dream that I was hiding it from {b} because I didn't want him to see me smoking (he's only 4).  I was afraid he'd see me and then I'd have to explain it to him.  I also remember that after I was finished, I was worried about where I'd put the cigarette out.  In my dream, I got to the end of the cigarette and then it was suddenly gone, so I was a bit concerned as to where it actually went.  :-)
Isn't that all just bizarre?  It was SO real in the dream too....very weird. 
I'll have to do a little searching and see if I can find out what it all means....

Well my friends, it's Wednesday and I've got a ton of testing to accomplish before the big 'sign off' on Friday.
Have a happy hump day!!

My dear, dear friends Will, Audra, Seth, and James

And don't forget Carolee 


wozzel said...

hehe, funny how dreams can seem so real. I hate when i remember having a conversation with a person, then can not remember if i dreamt it or really had the conversation :)

ps - when you quit smoking did you go all cold turkey on it? I smoke, eeuw, the boyfriend does not. I've tried quitting, but like, i found something I'm good at so am not sure i want to.. lol - but also know that i DO want to. Horrible habbit.

Cubby said...

Dream analysis:

The fact that the dream took place in a shopping mall indicates you are a flaming consumerist.

The fact that you were worried about where to place the cigarette butt indicates you are a flaming tree-hugger.

And the fact that you were hanging around with Broadway stars indicates you are a flaming homosexual.

Please pay the lady at the desk on the way out.

AJohnP said...

@wozzel - Honestly, I quit about 3 times before I FINALLY quit for good.
Yes, I went cold turkey. It completely sucked and I was crabby for a few weeks, but eventually I was OK. I still think of it all the time, but I've been good and haven't cheated since quitting.

AJohnP said...

@Cubby - AMAZING. You made my day. :-)