Thursday, September 23, 2010

The closing of the pool.

Our pool is being closed today.  I always have mixed emotions about this day....

On one hand; I'm sad to see the summer go, I'm sad that there will be no more sitting by the pool, and I'm sad that there will be no more watching Jim and Scooter frolicking about in the pool just about every day.

On the other hand, it means that there will be a lot less 'stuff' to do around the yard, pool area, and gardens.
Plus, I enjoy the fall and soon it will be time for the holidays - which I love.

While I'll miss having the pool open and all the fun that goes with it....I know it will only be a short time before I'm posting about opening it again.  :-)

See ya' later, summer!!!


wozzel said...

Hey John!
At first I was confused. I thought you meant you were filling the pool up and not going to have one anymore. Here in South Africa, especially Durban (where I live) there is no need to close up a pool – even in Winter South Africans can be found flocking to the beaches and holding braais (BBQ’s) next to the pool. The slogan for Durban during the Soccer World Cup this year was “Durban, the warmest place to be”

Even in Winter our max temperatures are 23degrees Celsius. Summer can go as high as 42!!!

Enjoy your Winter and doing all the fun Winter things until NEXT YEAR :)

Amy said...

I love the fact that Autumn is coming, but the phrase 'Closing the pool' seems have a mouse visitor?! Cuteness!

Stephen Chapman... said...

The pool looks great. The lights work really well.