Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A question...

I have a question for all the 'runners' out there...when you run, either outside or at the gym and listen to music (assuming you do) 
What type of head phones do you use?

I have a GREAT pair of Bose headphones, but I'm very hesitant to use them at the gym since I don't want to ruin them by sweating all over them.  I'm currently using a cheap pair of ear buds which I DESPISE because they never stay in my damn ears (clearly, my ears weren't built to hold them) and I spend more time trying to keep them in than I do running.
In the past, I've used the kind that hook onto your ear, and I guess they were OK, but they didn't last long.....the same goes for the Walkman sport ones that go over your head and fit directly in your ears....they worked well for a while, but weren't long lasting.

These are the fabulous Bose ones, that I'm afraid I'll ruin:

These are the types I've tried - and worked well, but weren't long lasting:

These I don't all

What to do, what to do???


Blobby said...

I suck it up and buy the behind the ear that go in. Yes, they break fairly easily, but they stay in and I just go through them.

It is that or wear nothing. Nothing else says in. I never thought of something like the BOSE. They seem a bit cumbersome for exercise.

Nik_TheGreek said...

I agree. You shouldn't be using the Bose ones. They're too good.
I use most of the times a Sennheiser pair of Sports Earphones (502542 PMX 80) I have. They are not that expensive and for the time being they've lasted a couple of years. I also sometimes use the ipod shuffle normal earphones.

RG said...

Leave the portable music at home and sing show tunes while running.

Mike said...

I wear those ear buds that came with my iPod...but my partner, like you, has trouble keeping them in his ears. Have you tried duct tape?

cb said...

Since it's the gym (and the headphones are cheap) I just use freakin earbuds.

Because at least once a workout I have to pull them out and blow the sweat out of them.