Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So much to do...

Hey everyone!

I'm back to work after yet another long weekend.  We did a ton of fun stuff this weekend (shocking, I know), so I'm going to keep it brief.  At least I'll make an attempt to do so.....

Friday night I ushered at 'The Producers'.  It was a great time, the HUGE orchestra sounded amazing.  It's so rare to hear such a large, LIVE, orchestra these days.....everyone is cutting back and the orchestra is usually the first thing to go - but I'm happy to report that hasn't happened at The Company Theatre!  They were there, and they were amazing.  It was an outstanding job by everyone on and off stage.  I'm still amazed that grown adults have so much trouble finding their own seats, when everything is so clearly labeled - BUT that's a story for another day.

Saturday morning I was up early and heading to the softball fields for....the playoffs. 
We lost both games (which was fine by me) but we played quite well, so I was quite pleased.  The season is OFFICIALLY over at this point and I won't be playing softball again until the Providence tournament in October.  Thank you, Baby Jesus.
After the games, I headed home, had lunch by the pool, went grocery shopping with Jim, and then we headed to Plymouth to meet up with some high school friends of his.  It was quite fun, and a beautiful night to spend down by the water.

On Sunday morning, we got up, relaxed at home for a bit (Food Network!!), and then headed down to Jim's parents cottage for the day.  My dad and Betty met us down there, and the six of us (my parents, Jim's parents, and the two of us) spent the day together.  We chatted for a bit, had some snacks, and a few cocktails out in the backyard, took a walk down to the beach, and then headed out for dinner (which was actually a late lunch).  After we ate, we went back to his parent's place for a bit, then Jim and I took off for home (Jim wasn't feeling well).  We got home and watched some TV before Jim turned in for the night.  After watching a little more TV, Scooter and I joined him up in the LOVELY air conditioned room. 
We all slept like rocks....it was awesome.

I had yesterday off, so my friend Amy came over in the afternoon with her three kids to have lunch and go for a swim.  We've been in our house for almost 4 years, and she'd never been over.  Mind you, she lives only 45 minutes away...or less than that.  Oops.  :-)
I spoke to Jim at work in the morning and he sounded like HELL.  Poor thing - he's got some sort of respiratory thing going on and it's making him miserable. Initially, we thought it was allergies, but it's clearly something more.  We were supposed to meet up with our friend Melissa for dinner last night, but we had to cancel because Jim wasn't feeling well at all.  She's got a two children, one of which is a baby (6 months old, or so) and it wouldn't be too smart for us to have Jim over there getting his germs all over everything.  Not to mention the fact that he feels like crap and would have been wanting to go to sleep the entire time we were there.
Anyway, Amy and the kids had a great time at the pool, and it was a blast seeing her and catching up. 
Jim came home from work and pretty much collapsed for the night....he woke up this morning feeling even worse.  :-(  He has to go to work though, because he's on vacation next week and has a ton of stuff to do before that.  Hopefully, that the medicine he took this morning will kick in soon and he'll feel better.

Well, my peeps....that's the news from the street.

Oh - Two fun 'tid-bit's:
1.  I saved a mole from drowning in the pool this morning
2.  The woman who owns the doggie daycare where Scooter goes, found her cat last night after he went missing TWO MONTHS ago!!  Apparently he was living in the woods down the street from her house, and has been living off birdseed from a neighbors bird feeder.  Thankfully, he's home safely and going to the vet today for a check-up.  Keep everything crossed!!

Happy Tuesday..... :-)


Cubby said...

Awww, poor Jim. Make him some hot tea tonight.

Blobby said...

I fear my cats getting out.

Ur-spo said...

what a cat story !