Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crabby hat

At my very first job out of college, we had a fun little hat in the shape of a crab sitting around the office.  Where it came from, I have no idea, but whenever one of us was in a bad mood we would put on the crabby hat as a way to let people know that it was not a good day for us.  It lightened things up considerably, and eventually we'd be over our 'mood'.

It looked similar to this, but it had no writing on it......

I need a crabby hat about now. 

I'm losing my mind at work, and I've been here for about 20 minutes. 
Two quick stories. 

I'm trying to get certain software onto my machine.  They need to 'take over' my machine for 3 hours in order to do this.  On Friday afternoon, I logged off (per their instructions) and about an hour after logging off, I received a call from some fella (calling from God only knows where) telling me that he couldn't access my computer because I must have shut it down.  I informed him that I most definitely didn't shut it down, and after a few failed attempts at him gaining access, we gave up and decided to take care of it on Monday.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  I sent him an email saying that I would lock my PC (not log off or shut it down) and once I did that, he could gain access to my machine.  Last week, I'd set him up as an administrator, so he has the power to unlock and take over the machine.  Near the end of my day yesterday, I sent him an email saying that I was locking the machine, and asked him to call me at my desk once he was all set.  Well, about 45 minutes goes by and I decide that he must be all set or else I would have heard from him.
Fast forward to this morning, when I come into work and there's a voicemail from him, which was left about 15 minutes after I walked out the door (making it an hour after I actually locked the PC) telling me that he couldn't get in because the PC was locked.  Even better?!?!  His first attempt at letting me know there was a problem was via email a half hour after I said I was giving him access to the computer.

First of all, he has full access to my machine and could have simply hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE and 'taken over' my machine. 
Second of all, he sends me an EMAIL telling me to log off and not lock it.  How did he expect me to see it?
Third of all, he waits for an hour to go by before he calls me to tell me there's an issue???

Needless to say, I sent a not-so-happy email this morning, telling him that I'm going to be out of the office for a while this morning, and we should take care of it then, while I'm around - and I stressed to him that calling me is the best way to get in touch with me....not sending me an email on the PC I just (essentially) turned off. 

Second story - I'm trying to run a specific utility on my machine and I need some adjustments made to my 'behind the scenes' set up.  I opened a ticket with the help desk to have this done, and long story short - they closed the ticket without resolving the issue.  My favorite part is the wording they use:

"This ticket is being resolved without action."

Really?!?!?  Maybe it's me, but that isn't really resolving anything, is it?  I need to call the help desk and speak to someone about it, but I'm just too mad to deal with them right now....plus it's way too early for them, and I'll end up being bounced to the off-shore help desk, which will just annoy me.

Sorry for being such a Negative Nancy this morning....but come on!!!  I wouldn't care so much if I were getting crappy service from some minimum-wage-making teenager at the local Wal-Mart or something, but this kind of crap coming from grown adults - within my own company?!?!?


I hope your day is going a lot better.  :-)

I'm off to get some coffee and cheer up....which I know will work......grrrrrrrrrrr.



Vương Tử Trực said...

Ha ha

Cubby said...

Grrr, I hate crap like that.

SteveA said...

OK - I hate these IT issues and computer problems. We have a service desk as well. Like today, I couldn't forward, reply or send an e-mail w/o some stupid error message popping up that my security settings had chanegd - not sure how this happened. But for me to fix it, I had to raise a ticket and wait for them to call and then go through a procedure....waste of time - I had eventually resolved the issue myself...

Nik_TheGreek said...

With coffee get some chocolate as well. It always helps.