Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As you may have read yesterday, I was lucky enough to help out at the call backs for SpeakEasy Stage Company's upcoming production of NINE last night.

I had SOOOO much fun.  The callbacks began at 4pm and things were wrapped up a little bit after 10pm.  We saw close to 40 woman and 3 men.  Considering the amount of people there and the amount of material they'd prepared - I think we made EXCELLENT time. 

There was one group called at 4pm, then at 7:15 another group arrived for an 'all inclusive' (both groups) dance audition.  After the dance audition, the first group was released, and then the second group stayed from 8 until just after 10. 

There were so many great women there, I can't wait to see who ends up in the cast.  Naturally, I have my own cast, selected in my mind, but I look forward to seeing how my cast matches up against the actual cast.

I could watch people audition all day long.  I love every minute of it.  I love working with the directors in coordinating who's coming in when, I love having the opportunity to see various people's take on the same material, and I love being totally surprised by someone's audition.  There's nothing better than seeing someone come in and do something you never thought they'd be able to pull off. Awesome.

However, there are definitely some not-so-great moments about the audition process as well.  It's horrible to watch someone fall apart at an audition and completely 'blow it' (thankfully, there were no catastrophes last night).  Also, it's never easy to give people the 'We're all set with you for tonight, but we'll be in touch!' line.  Thankfully, the people we saw last night were completely professional and although they may have been upset with the news, they all handled it well.  Believe me, I've seen people who don't always handle it well and give you some (or a lot) of attitude on their way out the door.
P.S.  That's never a good idea.  Behaviour like that tends to find it's way back to the people in charge - at least when I'm the one running the auditions.  :-)

I would L-O-V-E to find a way to make a career working at/helping out/watching auditions, but unless I'm ready to either work for free or move to the big, bad, apple - it ain't gonna happen any time soon.
So - until then, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and enjoy the chances to help out when I'm needed.

Have a GREAT day folks!!!

Raul Julia & Anita Morris in NINE
(Original Broadway Cast)


Dead Robot said...

I wish you could too. You sound like you have a real passion for theatre.

Have you been following Michael Cyril Creighton's little video show called "Jack in the Box" on YouTube? Funny stuff.

AJohnP said...

I've never heard of it, but I'll be sure and check it out!!!
Thanks for the tip. :)

Blobby said...

Oh, I hope it better than the horrid movie version - but it almost has to be, right? :)

Ur-spo said...

I sometimes use NINE as an example for patients who are struggling with multiple relationships.