Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sad Dog

We have got quite a sad dog living in our house these days.
As many of you know, we send Scooter to day care twice a week, where he spends the day frolicking with his doggie friends and pretty much plays from 6:30am until 4:00pm.  He loves to go, and on 'day care days' he follows me around all morning while I get ready for work.
Well, he had he yearly check-up at the vet on Monday night.  Yes, he came a away with a clean bill of health, in fact, the doctor commented on how great he looked. (We're so proud!!) Anyway, as part of his check up, he had to have two shots and some blood drawn.  Because one of the shots tends to cause soreness, the vet suggested that we keep him home from day care for a couple of days.  As you can probably guess, that has not gone over well with Scooter. 

Yesterday morning (his usual day care day) he followed me around waiting for me to get out his crate, which never happened.  I explained why he wasn't going to day care that day (What?!?!? Everyone talks to their dogs....don't judge) and that he'd be going back later in the week.  So, this morning once again, he didn't let me out of his sight.  From the time I stepped out of the shower to when I was walking out the door he was waiting....and waiting....but the crate never came out.  How sad. 
I felt horrible having to deny him a trip to day care once again, BUT - I know that he'll be all that more excited when he finally goes tomorrow!!! 

You mean I have to stay home again?!?!!?

I went to go see 'Seth Rudetsky's Deconstructing Broadway' last night at SpeakEasy Stage Company and LOVED IT!!  It was so fun and funny, and for anyone that knows me and my obsession with all things Broadway, you'll understand why it was right up my alley....I was in hysterics for just about the entire show.
For more details about Seth and his show - lookie here.  There are a ton of great videos on the 'blog' page of his website that will give you an idea of what his show is like. 
He's going to be doing his show in P-Town for a couple of nights in August, so if any of you are there and are fans of 'The Broadway' be sure and check it out.  It is SO good.

I know it's been a while since I've had any adoption updates, and that's mostly because there's been nothing to report.  We found out that for some reason (personal, I assume) that our case worker is going to be out of the office for the ENTIRE month of May. 
Say what?!?!?
While we were quite shocked to hear that news, the good thing is that while she's out, her boss will be handling our case.  Her boss is the woman who was the primary teacher of our MAPP classes, so she knows Jim and I quite well, which is certainly better than having some stranger handling our case.
We also found out that our homestudy still hasn't been approved by the 'higher ups' because they wanted to re-write some of it.  Once those re-writes are done, and approved by Jim and I, our homestudy will be sent up the 'chain' for approval.  However, as I've said before, if a child becomes available between now and the time the homestudy is officially approved, they can expedite the paperwork.  
BUT - not having the homestudy approved, means that it's not being circulated at the moment.
It's just one more hurdle in the completely frustrating world of adopting.  :-) 
It's been a really rough few weeks for Jim and I, not only because we're both frustrated with work 'stuff', but because we're both tired of waiting...and waiting....and waiting.  In the mean time, we're watching all our friends having babies (another friend is due any day now) and trying to stay positive and patient.
Believe me - it is NOT easy. 

Anyway....I've gone on long enough for one post. 
Have a great day.....I'll be back soon.  :-)


Bear Me Out said...

Sad how dogs just don't understand sometimes. And still, they love us.

Blessings on the adoption process. hope it goes well.

Amy said...

ohhmahgahh....that FACE! Rip my heart out....

RG said...

You know, Scooter is going to eat something of yours don't you? And that sad, sad, pitiful face - must make your heart break.

Mine give me the SAME sad pitiful face too.