Friday, May 21, 2010

Get thee to the Trailer Park!!!

Well, it truly IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I had a pleasant ride into work this morning, in spite of the fact that I've had to adjust my normal 'routine' the past few mornings.  You see, I've been giving Jim a ride to the train station for the past few days.  His car is in the shop - and until it's ready to be picked up, we're a 'one-car family'.  It's really no big deal at all, but he and I don't have the same routine in the morning.  I usually grab my coffee, hop in the car, and turn on my morning radio show.  I listen to that for a few minutes (just to hear the first news report of the morning), and then I put on one of my CDs.  Neither of those things appeal to Jim.....AT ALL.
He despises listening to anything that remotely resembles morning 'talk shows' and then to throw one of my CDs into the mix would push him over the edge. a result, we drive in mostly silence, with an occasional conversation thrown in.  Actually, he's been more talkative this week than most mornings.  He is NOT a talker in the morning.  I know it's nothing personal, and most people I know are like that, but it sometimes makes for a long commute. :-)  Anyway, it was a lovely, sunny, ride into work today, but now I'm here and have to actually get some work done.  Blech.

I just got word that 'The Great American Trailer Park Musical' - currently playing at SpeakEasy Stage Company has been extended until June 5th!!!  A new block of tickets will be going on sale at noon today.  If you're in the Boston area and have been thinking about going to see this show, now is your chance!!  I'm willing to bet that if you like my blog, you'll like this show.
I saw it on opening night and had a great time.  It's fun, funny, touching, and one of the best casts that I've seen in a long time.  Yes, I'm friends with most of them, BUT - as I've said before....if I didn't think they were outstanding, I wouldn't be praising them and encouraging y'all to go see them.  I'd keep my mouth shut and pretend I never saw the show.  :-)

I have to get back to work, but I'll post a few pictures from the website as a little 'teaser' for you.  And you can always click on the link above in order to get some more info....

(All photos were taken by Mark L. Saperstein)

(L to R, Mary Callanan, Kerry A. Dowling and Santina Umbach)

Romantic sparks fly between exotic dancer Pippi (Caitlin Crosbie Doonan) and her trailer park neighbor Norbert (David Benoit)

Agoraphobic Jeannie - Leigh Barrett as an agoraphobic trailer park housewife

Storm’s A Brewin’ - (From left): Mary Callanan, Santina Umbach and Kerry A. Dowling


Road Kill - (Clockwise From left): Mary Callanan, Kerry A. Dowling, Santina Umbach and
Grant MacDermott



Jim S. said...

God, I sound like a bitch!

AJohnP said...

HA!!! Not at sound like a normal person.
I'm definitely the exception to the rule. :-)

cb said...

That looks like a totally fun musical!