Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dampened Spirits....

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

We have been inundated with rain the past couple of days.  Yesterday it rained pretty much all day, and this past weekend we had showers on and off.  The next few days are supposed to be quite humid, but I'm not sure if we're supposed to get any actual rain out of it. 
All I know is that it's very damp out. 
I know lots of people that can't stand that word, but it's the best way to describe how I'm feeling these days.....d-a-m-p.  You know those days where you get out of the shower and you feel like you'll never be dry again?  That's how it's been lately.
I guess it's great for our gardens and the lawn, but it does a number on my mood. 

Anyway...Jim and I had a great weekend!!
Friday night, I got home from work and we headed to 'The Grille' for dinner.  It was very early, so we felt like we were senior citizens.  We went there so early because there was a whole gang of people there from town (Jim's parent's closest friends) that were meeting up with an out-of-town couple, who were up visiting from Florida.  It was a good chance to see everyone and let them ooh and ahh over Zachary, since most of them haven't seen him in a while.  Dinner was fun, and then after that I headed out to meet a group of friends from high school. 
That was VERY fun.  I hadn't seen many of them in a long time, seeing them on Facebook doesn't count, so it was fun to chat and catch up.

On Saturday, the entire family (Jim, Zachary, Scooter and I) all packed up and headed to the Cape for the night.  It was the first time that we brought Zachary (and Scooter, for that matter) to sleep over night at the cottage...and probably the last.  :-)  It was a lot of fun, but we really don't like staying there over night.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we had a baby and a dog with us, and it had nothing to do with the rest of the people (family) that were staying over, it's just that when we sleep over, neither of us EVER get a good night's sleep.  And that's nothing new.  As long as I've known Jim, any time we've slept over night down there, we hardly sleep at all.  We keep trying, but it never works out, so I think we're finally done with trying.    
That being said, we still had a lot of fun Saturday and Sunday.  My parents came down on Sunday afternoon and we all went to lunch with Jim's parents.  Jim's sister and brother and their kids were all down on Sunday afternoon, so they watched Zachary while Jim and I went to lunch with our parents...it was fun. 
After dinner, we stayed around for a little while and then headed home.

Yesterday, I worked from home and we had the piano delivered!!!  It's awesome and I think it looks great in the house.  I can't thank my sister enough for GIVING it to us!!!!  Of course, they were dying to get rid of it, and were more than happy to have it out of their house...so we lucked out.
The two guys that moved it (in the pouring rain) had no issues at all and moved it into our house like it was nothing....I was quite impressed.
So, now we have a piano.  :-)  Time for me to start practicing!!  It's been a long time since I've had to practice piano, but I'm looking forward to playing again.  AND it'll be a great way to get some use out of the 'front living room' - which is one of those rooms that we hadn't used too often before....but now we will!!!

OK my friends....I hope you had a great weekend and returning to work hasn't been too traumatic.
For those people who are spending the week in P-Town this week for 'Carnival' - I hope the weather improves for you, although I'm sure you're still managing to have some fun!!  ;-)

The piano in it's new home

Scooter, collapsed - after an exhausting weekend.


Cubby said...

The piano looks wonderful!

Nik_TheGreek said...

Scooter's soooooo cute

BosGuy said...

Enjoy playing chopsticks!!!
-Warm wishes from Ptown