Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rainy days....

Good day!

I finally made it into work this morning after having to deal with some CRAZY ass rain. Good GOD it was pouring this morning!!! As you can imagine, that makes driving on the highway a complete nightmare. That being said, I made it into work unscathed, and wasn't even late!
Nice work.

Things have been busy since I last wrote. I got my flu shot, which was no big deal at all - I knew it would be fine, but what's the fun of getting a flu shot if you can't throw some high drama into the mix?!?!? It was a little bit sore for a day or two, but only if I touched the place where she gave me the shot...other than that - no biggie.

I had a fun softball meeting on know - getting ready for the season....which starts in May.
Actually, it was a very necessary meeting, as we're planning on making some changes next season and we wanted to get the team's input before committing to anything. We're going to have a new coach, we're losing a few players, and gaining a few players, you know...stuff like that. Also - we're planning on going to Orlando in January for a tournament, so if you're going to be in the area around that time - let me know!!! You can come watch us play!!! :-)

I'm planning on going to the tournament, assuming I still have a job in January.

Yes folks, that's right.....the layoff rumors have been flying fast and furious once again!! I'm pretty sure they're more than rumors at this point. I've heard from several very reliable sources that there will be layoffs and they'll be happening soon. I've heard a few dates thrown about, but December 2nd seems to be the most popular one out there. That date makes sense since it's a Thursday and that's when they all took place the last time we went through this - 2 short years ago. Once again, I have no idea what's going to determine who stays and who goes, so all I can do is hope for the best. I'll certainly keep you posted.

Hmmmm....what else? I went to see Sutton Foster (Broadway S*T*A*R) in concert on Monday night and she was SOOOOO good. It was such a nice treat. Originally, I wanted to go see her, but it was a benefit concert with tickets starting at $150. Not in my price range.
Then, out of the blue on Friday, I got an email offer for $25 tickets!!! After clearing it with my business manager/accountant (a.k.a. Jim) I bought a ticket. She sounded and looked amazing and I was very happy I got to see her.

That brings me to today, which incidentally happens to be the one year anniversary of when Jim and I started our MAPP (Massachusetts Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) training.
I can't believe it's been a year!!!!
Time certainly flies when you're going out of your mind each day, waiting to be placed with a child. :-)

Yes, we're still waiting...and slowly losing our minds.
But that's a post for another day.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Nik_TheGreek said...

Sorry to hear about your work troubles. All the speculations must be quite stressful. I hope everything will be fine!
By the way, why do your company do things like that just before the holiday season? It's depressing, even more than normal...

AJohnP said...

Sadly, it's very common around here to have layoffs whenever they damn well please, holidays or not.
Funny enough, we have a team-wide 'Employee Appreciation' celebration tomorrow. I wonder what most people will be talking about?!? ;-)

Cubby said...

You must be mistaken John. Haven't you heard? The government says the recession is over. /sarcasm off

I'm sorry to hear about the work troubles. I got my fingers crossed for you. I've been in that situation a few times in my career. It's so stressful.

Please watch your back. If people think they are about to lose their jobs, they may sabotage others' work to make themselves look good or look like a hero. Be careful.