Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hey y'all!

Good day, and happy Wednesday to one and all!!!!

I've been a busy, busy fella the past few days, which has left me NO time for blogging and I apologize. I know how much you've all missed me.

Anyway...I was kind of going out of my mind towards the end of last week because I was asked to be a part of SpeakEasy Stage Company's 20th anniversary concert, which took place on Monday night. The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, but SO much fun. I wasn't singing in anything, just doing a few 'talky' moments during the evening. Apparently, appearing in 8 of their musicals over the years isn't enough to get you into a musical number for the concert.

But I'm not bitter ;-)

Seriously though, I was thrilled and beyond honored to be asked to be a part of the concert, and I was happy to contribute my time and my 'memories' for the evening. There were over 40 (46, I think) people that were part of it, ranging from people who appeared in the very first shows they produced, right up to people who are in the show that's currently running. It was a long show, but to be honest, I watched most of it from the audience and they seemed to be having a great time, in spite of the running time.

Now that the concert is behind me, I'm just playing 'catch up' with everything else.

Our furnace has been giving us grief for a week or two, and I'm hoping THAT will be taken care of tomorrow when the 'furnace men' come and clean it.

Every so often it sounds like it's working really hard, and gets really loud. When it first happened, we kind of panicked (as I'm sure you all would have) and called someone to come out and look at it, because we thought the house was going to blow up. That man replaced a part and said that all it needed was a good cleaning, so I called the next day and made an appointment. Of course, they had nothing even remotely close coming up, so I made the first appointment I could. Well, since then, it's continued to act up, so I called again on Monday and they were able to squeeze us in for a cleaning tomorrow. PHEW! Let's just hope we make it until then.

I'll keep you all posted....because I'm SURE you're dying to know how it all turns out.

OK faithful readers....I'm out....and going back to work.
Luv ya! :-)

Here are some pictures that Barrie took of all the fun stuff we've been doing together over the past couple of weeks....seeing our friends in 'Annie'....dinner at their house, etc...etc...
She's a great photographer and I love stealing her pictures. :-)


Cubby said...

That's a beautiful St. Bernard. I love large dogs :-)

cb said...

that last picture is great!