Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November?!?! Really.

It's November, and I've been a very bad blogger. Of course, when I'm neglecting my blog, that usually means that I'm being an excellent employee. :-)

Things at work have continued to be super busy, and not at all fun, but I won't bore you with that crap.

Jim and I had a great weekend last weekend, and I had an excellent day off from work on Monday!

Friday night we got together with all of Jim's family to celebrate the anniversary of the first night his parents met. I'm pretty sure this is the first year we've celebrated such an anniversary, but since they met 50 years ago this year, it seemed fitting. Jim's mom was VERY surprised and happy to see everyone, and it was a nice night out.

On Saturday, we hung around the house and then headed over to Jim's sister's house to celebrate her birthday. I only stayed for a little while, as I had previous plans to go see a friend of mine in a show that night.
The show was 'A Class Act' (a not often produced musical) and I have to say it was quite good. I worked on the show when they produced it a number of years ago at SpeakEasy Stage Company, so I know the show quite well and they really did a great job with it. As expected, my friend was EXCELLENT in the show (Yay Jackie!!!) and the majority of the cast were great as well.
There were a few 'clunky' moments, but overall, I was SO glad I went.

On Sunday, Jim and I went out in search of some more Halloween decorations, in hopes that they'd be on clearance. Well, much to our dismay, what little Halloween stuff they still had out was complete CRAP, and was overwhelmed by the crazy amount of CHRISTMAS merchandise that was out on the shelves. I was flabbergasted. Seriously?!?!? On Halloween they're putting out ALL the Christmas stuff? Gross. Anyway, we ended up buying some purple Christmas lights, which looked FABULOUS in our windows for Halloween night.
We had about 17 kids come by for candy, which is great considering that we live on a main street, and all the kids that came by seemed to really like the way we had the house decorated.

Monday I had the day off from work, so I totally 'de-Halloweened' the house and did some cleaning/laundry. I met B and {b} for lunch,which was VERY fun, and then pretty much just hung around for the rest of the day. Jim came home from work, started dinner, and I headed out to the dentist (NO CAVITIES!!!). I came home, ate dinner, and then we had some 'family time' on the couch until bed time. :-)

As I mentioned earlier, work is a NIGHTMARE, so my posting may be few and far between, but I'll do my best - I promise!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

This is our house on Halloween night, note the purple lights in the side windows. ;-)

My Yankee Candle haunted house all lit up for the night....

Jim - ready to hand out candy....and terrify the neighborhood kids.


Nik_TheGreek said...

Sounds like you've been having fun. Your pictures are great. When is Jim posting a new recipe? :-p

Ur-spo said...

jolly good fun !

RG said...

Yes - it's November. Now get your ass out in the yard and start raking those leaves bee-otche!