Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is a rare, middle-of-the-afternoon post, but since I had a free moment, I thought I'd write.
Work has been CRAZY, but I'm very excited because I'm on vacation next week, and going to CHICAGO!!!

I hadn't said anything before, because I wasn't 100% sure that I was going, but I received the 'ok' this morning and confirmed that I will be going.  Jim is working a conference there all next week and I'm tagging along for the ride.  I have a few things planned, but nothing concrete. 

That's where you all come in!!!  I've been there once (with my mom and grandmother, back in 1985) but I've never visited as an adult, so I'm open to all suggestions.

Let me know what I shouldn't miss.  :-)

Also - I'm passing on a website for all of you to check out.  Moby's boyfriend (of 'The Moby Files' fame) is launching a brand new t-shirt website, and there is a HUGE sale happening right now.
Be sure and check it out.....

***WARNING*** - these are quite adult in content and may not be appreciated by everyone...soooo....view at your own risk. 
But I kind of liked them. ;-)

Here's the website: a bunch of t-shirts and send me Chicago suggestions. 



Cubby said...

The teabag one is the best.

SteveA said...

I was in Chicago this past March - Boystown is great - good gay bars and nice crowds - the only one that comes to mind is Martini Bar - but as Boystown is prime gay area - then you can just bar hop. Check outL
- Spin;
- Mini Bar;
- Roscoe's;
- Sidetrack;
- Cocktail;
- Ultra Bar and Lunge;

Ur-spo said...

Going to Chicago? Roscoe's and Sidetrack for me!
is Gentry still around?

Moby said...

Hey! Thanks for the referral. We appreciate it!