Monday, October 25, 2010

A Catch Up of Sorts...and Wearing a Shirt for 'Charity'

OK - so I just got this blasted thing to work again and as usual, I'm at work - so I MUST keep this brief. :-)

My trip to Chicago was AMAZING. Here's the 'short list' of stuff I did:

Show tune Monday night at Side Track (where I met the fabulous blogger Stephen R. of 'Are You There Blog?, It's Me, Stephen' and enjoyed some crazy show tunes)
The Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, several bars in Boystown (Bobby Love's, Bucks, Scarlet, to name a few), shopping on State Street, fancy-pants gala event at The University Club of Chicago, followed by a visit to Redhead Piano Bar, The Willis Tower (aka The Sears Tower), visited some college friends in Wicker Park and ate at a great place called Boundary, visited my relatives in LaSalle/Peru, and walked around a LOT.

When I have more time, I'll post some pictures....all in all, it was a blast and definitely some place I want to go back and visit.

The second part of this posting is dedicated to Dr. Spo of Spo Reflections. He's not only a super entertaining blogger (and brilliant Dr.) but he makes shirts!!! And they're fantastic.

He came up with a really fun idea, and I'm proud to be a part of his 'experiment'.

Basically, he chose one of his shirts and sent it out to one of the fans of his blog. From there, that person would take a picture of him/her self with the shirt (wearing it, ideally) and then sends it along to another blogger. From there, it would travel on and on, from blogger to blogger until God only knows when. Along with the shirt, there's a little notebook so that people can record the shirts journey, AND (as if that wasn't exciting enough) for each person that received the shirt, Dr. Spo is making a donation to one of 4 charities (Test Positive Awareness, Doctors without Borders, The Humane Society, or Research for Prostate Cancer) that he's listed in the notebook.

Well, I'm happy to say the shirt has reached the east coast!!!!

Here's my contribution to the cause:

I figured this was fitting, since Dr. Spo's favorite holiday is Halloween :-)

A little closer.....

And since my charity of choice is The Humane Society, this seemed fitting as well.

The shirt is now making it's way to the next blogger.....stay tuned for more updates!!!!



Cubby said...

Woo Hoo!! The Spo-shirt looks wonderful on you!

Ur-spo said...

thank you for being part of this - the shirt looks better on you than on me any day.

Where does it go next? do you need a volunteer?

AJohnP said...

I'm all's on it's way to RG!! :-)

Blobby said...

yayyyy....Scooter made an appearance.

Oh and yeah, the shirt looks good on you, or vice versa.

RG said...

I got the shirt today - W00t! Can't wait to take some pics of me in it - or video - hmmmmmmmm.....

Vương Tử Trực said...