Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So much to say...

This was such a busy weekend, it was crazy - but fun.....I'll try and keep it brief.  :-)

Friday night after work I met up with a bunch of my former co-workers to celebrate the end of our old accounting system.  (Geek - much?)  Anyway...the system we used to work on/test was FINALLY going away (meaning that all the clients had successfully converted to the new system - at last) and we decided to celebrate.  It was GREAT to see them all again, and made me miss the 'good old days' way back when.
I met them all in Boston for a little while, met up with Jim for dinner at 'The Grille', and then ended the evening back at his sister's house with drinks and games.

Saturday was pretty low-key all day long.  We met up with some friends later that night over at one of their houses to view a bootleg of a certain Broadway show that was up for Best Musical last year (2009).  It didn't win, but I can certainly understand why it was nominated.  The female lead won the Tony for leading actress in a musical, so if you're up on your Tony history (I know at least one reader who now knows what show it was) you can figure out which show we watched. It was a fairly decent DVD of the show, and I was THRILLED that we had the chance to see it...especially since I never get to NYC as often as I like.  Thank you XXXXX for inviting us!!!  I'll leave your name out of this - you know....so you don't get arrested or anything.  :-)

The 'viewing' group!!  (thanks for the picture, B!!!)

On Sunday, Jim and I met up with some of my college friends and their families and we went to the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, NH.  Needless to say, it was more of a giant carnival than a 'traditional' country fair.  We had a great time seeing them, but I don't think we'll make that particular fair a regular destination.  It was made up of about 75% food vendors, and the clientele was......questionable, at best.  Yikes. 
It made for some amazing people watching though....that was fun.

Yes...Fried Ice Cream....candy bars....Oreos....Twinkies.....
I cant imagine why so many Americans are overweight?!?!?

This made me laugh....no kissing!!!

Yesterday, I spent the day at home putting all the storm windows in, doing several loads of laundry, and 'general' house keeping stuff, as it was rainy and I had the day off.  I also watched the 'Live at Lincoln Center' production of 'South Pacific' which I've had saved on my DVR for weeks at this point...it was SO good.  I'm glad I held on to it and didn't delete it.  I'm going to keep it around for a while so hopefully Jim will watch it too...I think he'd really like it. 

Anyway...I'm getting back to work....have a GREAT day!!!


wozzel said...

Oooh! So much to say means so much to read :)
Sounds like yet another fun and eventful weekend.
Fried ice-cream? As in the deep fried type? I heart fried ice cream!!!

RG said...

They should post that sign at the Ramrod! LOL

Bear Me Out said...

I'm needing me some animal kisses. Need to call RG.

Ur-spo said...

unless they are aardvarks - it is obligatory to kiss aardvarks.