Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back in the swing of things...sort of.

Finally things are kind of getting back to normal around here. And by normal, I mean completely crazy.

Work has been a real challenge lately, and I don't see that getting better any time soon. We've got two people joining our team (temporarily) to help out with our current project, as well as a woman who's here from India for 4 weeks that's a 'subject matter expert'. She's going to be helping to get the new people up and running as well as helping myself and whoever else may be a little bit experienced, but still a tad 'shaky' when it comes to certain aspects. She's very nice and certainly seems to know her stuff.

That being said, I'm kind of going crazy because at this point, I'm the one who's overseeing the entire training process. For those of you who aren't aware, there's nothing I despise more than managing/supervising people. In fact, that's the reason I left my previous job 9 years ago. I was offered a promotion to supervisor way back when, and since it was the 'natural' progression in my career I tried my hand at supervising and didn't like it one bit. Don't get me wrong, I no problem helping people, answering their questions, or making myself available for them - but what I can't stand is being the one who has to make sure that everyone is busy at all times...having people come to me with, "OK - what do I do now?"....having to deal with all the set-up crap associated with new people, etc...etc...etc... I find it all very stressful and not fun.
However, I have no other choice at the moment. They need someone to do it, and they're looking for me to 'step-up' and be the one. Gross.

Well, that's my bitchy, complaining rant for the day. I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon - or at the very least, just deal with it. You know, when everyone comes to see me in a couple of hours with their endless list of problems, questions & concerns. ;-)

In other news, Jim was home sick with a horrible cold for the past couple of days and I think he's finally on the mend and heading back to work today. Feel better, dear!!!!

Oh, and the Spo-Shirt is on it's way to the next blogger....keep your eyes peeled for it!!!

Happy Wednesday (and thanks for listening)


wozzel said...

oh dear. I hope Jim is feeling better soon. In my case, the moment D gets sick the world comes to an end. Man Flu. ouch.

I used to be in training, then realised I did not have the patience for it. haha.

Hope the craziness calms down soon for you :)

Nik_TheGreek said...

Good luck. I hope it gets better soon

Cubby said...

Things could be worse... they could send you out of the country for four weeks. And there is a lot worse things than that. Just sayin'.

Colds are no fun. I hate it when my nose gets rubbed raw from blowing it so much. Hope Jim gets all better soon :-)

How about posting a link to the blogger who's getting the shirt next, so readers know where to look.

AJohnP said...

Excellent suggestion!!!

The shirt is on it's way to RG @ Dulce y Peligroso!!!
You can check it out via the link on my blogroll!!