Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you all!!!!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday!!

I had a great day, and yes Jim, I got my iPhone car charger.
Excellent. :-)

I have no idea what Jim and I have planned for tonight, but because of a show running at the theatre, I have no rehearsal - which is a very rare occurrence.
A free Friday night?!?!? Unheard of.
Tomorrow we're having Karen and Barrie (and Ben?) over for dinner, which will be fun.
As I was typing that, I realized that I don't know if Ben is coming or not. Interesting.
Either way it'll be great.
Barrie reads my blog, so I'm sure I'll be hearing from her soon. :-)

Sunday is Valentine's Day!! Again, because of the show, I don't have rehearsal.
Jim and I will be able to spend the day together doing something fun and 'Valentinesy'. We have dinner reservations that night, but other than that, nothing is planned...hmmmmm...I'm going to have to come up with something fun to do.

I have Monday off for President's Day - so next week will be another short week.
Love it.

Speaking of the article about RENT was in the Boston Globe yesterday.
If you're here. :-)

This picture was one of the pictures along with the article.
Yes, that's Jim and I on the far right.
Nice pose.

OK my peeps - I'm signing off.

Have a GREAT weekend, and thank you again for all the b-day wishes.

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