Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MAPP Certification....CHECK!!!

I can’t believe that we’ve completed our MAPP training!
Back in early November, I remember getting the call about attending the classes, getting the schedule, and thinking that February 2nd was SO far away.
Well, lo and behold, here it is!
We’re finished and we officially ‘passed’.

During the class last night we talked a lot about the previous week’s panel night as well as talking about what the ‘next steps’ were for all of us. We took a break and had pizza (YUM!) then we talked a lot about how adopting a child from the state will change our lives. Obviously, adding a child into your life affects the average person, but when you are adopting a child from DCF, it can affect you in ways that are a bit unique.

Things that we could possibly have to deal with are: visits from the adoption social worker, visits with our case worker, home visits by the probation officer (so the court knows that we’re ‘good’ parents), some sort of communication with the birth parents (pictures or letters) if we end up having some degree of an open adoption, and then on top of that you consider all the ‘normal stuff’ that every infant would have to deal with (doctor appointments, etc…) and it adds up to a whole lot.
It was very eye opening, but again….it wasn’t anything that we haven’t already thought of.

After class, we set up a time for our case worker (K) to come to our house for the home study.
She’ll be coming to meet with me one-on-one on Monday the 22nd and then she’ll be back on the 23rd to talk to Jim.
I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Between now and then we have a few minor ‘safety’ things to take care of, but nothing too daunting.

It’s going to be odd not having MAPP classes to attend, but I’m sure we’ll find SOME way to fill the time. :-)

Have a happy Wednesday!!


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Congrats on the certification!!

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