Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Problem solved???

Well, it would seem that my work PC is the culprit.
When I logged on at home, not only was I able to change my profile picture without incident, but everything else looks a whole lot better!


So let's see....I had a GREAT birthday weekend.

On my actual birthday, Jim and I had dinner at my sister's house, which was very nice.
Friday was fairly uneventful at work, but that night I went to see 'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' at The Company Theatre. A bunch of my fellow RENT cast mates were in the show, which made it extra fun to watch.
I thought it was a GREAT funny and they sounded amazing.
Yay for talented friends!

On Saturday, Jim and I hung around the house, cleaning and getting ready for our friends who were coming over for dinner later that night.
Well, the joke was certainly on me.
As it turns out, we weren't having people over for dinner....there were a TON of people coming over to surprise me for my birthday!!
I was SOOO surprised. People just kept showing up throughout the night. There were theatre friends, softball friends, church friends, and even my college friends made the trek down from NH!!! It was an amazing night, full of friends, food and fun!!!!
I clearly have the best husband in the world. :-)

Here are some pictures (thanks to Barrie!!) of the night:

I'm finally figuring out what is actually going on....

Joey D. and I playing Wii "Just Dance" - SO fun

MB and Karen

The 'other' birthday boy and I

Cutting the (awesome) ice cream cake

On Sunday, Jim and I went to church and then had his family over to help finish up the leftover food, snacks, and beer. We played Wii and then later that night Jim and I went to dinner at one of our favorite local Italian places 'Johnny Macaroni's'.
I know, the name makes it sound a little tacky, but trust is crazy good.

After dinner, we pretty much came home and collapsed in front of the TV until it was time for bed.

Monday I had off, but Jim had to work so I cleaned up around the house, did some laundry and ran a few errands before heading off to RENT rehearsals.
Rehearsal was super productive and we FINALLY have a full cast.
The search for Mimi has ended...

I'm going to sign off now, but keep your eyes peeled for more updates.



Tai said...

Fun fun fun!

Larry Ohio said...

Mmmm, I love ice cream cakes. I'm happy you had a good bday weekend.

As for your work PC, try clearing the cache.

Jim said...

That sounded like a great birthday weekend! And by the way... I really like the beard! WOOF!

Nik_TheGreek said...

It seems like you had a lot of fun! Nice pics

Ur-spo said...

I go away from blogging for a short while and you grow older !
I am glad you had a splendid birthday weekend.
May the new year be your best !

Bear Me Out said...

Happy Birthday! Blessings on the year ahead.

Kyle said...

Glad you had a great B-day John! The two B-day boys look so cute in the pic together. :)