Thursday, December 11, 2008

A vacation from my vacation....

A few random things

The sweater has returned…day 14. Excellent.

A performer in Vienna slashed his own throat during a show when the prop knife he usually uses, was replaced with a real one.
You can view the story here:
And THAT is why you always ‘check your props’!!! Thanks Jordie! No one will ever slash their own throat with you at the helm, that’s for damn sure.

I just found out this afternoon that the all male a Cappella group I sang with in college has been suspended because of hazing. Now, this isn’t hazing in the ‘traditional’ sense, I mean it’s an a Cappella group for Pete’s sake, but I understand the University’s position. They can't adjust the rules based on how severe the hazing is.
What happened is; after the spring concert last year, each of the new members was dunked (one at a time) into a big trash barrel filled with (alcoholic) punch. They’re held upside down by their feet, dunked into the punch and then immediately pulled out.
Picture a yummy Oreo being dunked into a tall glass of milk…but no new guys are eaten after being dunked. At least when I was in the group no one was. :-)
I understand that the administration has to punish for all hazing, but I hope that the group isn’t going to suffer any long term damages because of this. I think it’s a far cry from those groups that force their members to drink in excess, or put people in dangerous situations.
I know, I know…it’s hazing, no matter how harmless it seems and they have to enforce the rules…it just makes me a little sad.

The good thing is, that after 30 years on the campus there's a ton of alumni (we're a very active and involved alumni group) that still care about what's going on with the current group. I'm sure they'll be fine.

This is my friend's daughter....I talked about her a few weeks ago.

It's WAY too cute not to share.

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HA!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Can you even believe that she tilted her head like that??