Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow....

As if I have any say in the matter...

According to the latest report, we're supposed to get up to a foot of snow between today and tomorrow. Yikes. Living in this area my entire life, I'm not at all surprised, but still....that is a LOT of snow.
At least it's happening today and not on a Monday morning or something extremely inconvenient like that. My biggest concern is my commute home. I'm sure it'll be fine, but that's the only thing that could screw me up. If my train is running late, I'll be pissed.

I know I've mentioned it on here before, but it is a GHOST TOWN in the city today. Crazy.
Apparently a lot of people are either working from home or have the day off. It's really quite strange. My train was very empty, and on the walk up to my office - there were hardly any people around.
It was nice. :-)

Last night Jim had his holiday party for work, so I was on my own. His company is usually very generous when it comes to parties, but for this one, there were no spouses invited. Boo!
I'm kidding, it's not a big deal.
I got home, fed the dog, ate a quick dinner (leftover pork chops, broccoli, roasted butternut squash., and stuffing - welcome to my delicious life!) and went out to complete my Christmas shopping.
I have a terrible cold (annoying) but in spite of that, I had fun traipsing around the south shore finishing things up. I wasn't really traipsing, but it was still fun.
As far as I know, I'm all set....I still have to double check everything to make sure that I didn't leave anyone out, but I think I'm done!! YAY!
This is totally a record for me. Now, I'm not a Christmas Eve shopper, that's out of control; but I'm totally a Christmas Eve wrapper...which stinks.

Speaking of stinks...there is something dead in our cellar. I know, I's totally gross, but come on!!! We live in an antique farmhouse built in 1825...what do you expect? When it's freezing out, little critters are going to try and take shelter in our warm and cozy home - can you blame them? I certainly don't.
However, I do blame them for being dumb enough to get trapped in the house and die.
Hello, animals?!?! Did you not read 'Hansel and Gretel'?!?! Drop breadcrumbs or something, dummies. I don't care what you do, just don't get lost in my basement and die. Of course, they would probably rather EAT the breadcrumbs, wouldn't they? Whatever. The point is; something got in, couldn't get out, and now Jim and I are paying the stinky, decomposing price.

This weekend is SUPER busy. Tomorrow we're going to a holiday open house starting at 1pm, then meeting Jim's family to celebrate the birthdays of K and D (a niece and nephew) then we're going to a 40th birthday party Saturday night. On Sunday we're going to a family 'get together' with my entire family and my entire step family. THAT will be interesting.

Everyone stay safe, and enjoy the snow!!!!!


RG said...

I hope your dog doesn't get lost in the foot of snow we got dumped on us last night!

Funny thing, mine hates the rain but will gladly bounce around in the snow for hours.

Dumb dogs. LOL

CJ said...

Precious pooch! Great pictures. I see you have slip covers on your furniture too.
The first time my girls saw snow was at Christmas in Arkansas 4 years ago. They didn't know what to think at first. Kind of whining and then they came alive! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Merry Christmas!