Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two more days!!!

First of all – a BIG thank you to all the folks who commented and/or emailed me in regard to yesterday’s Blog entry. It’s nice to be surrounded by so many wicked awesome folks.

Secondly, it’s day 21 people. That’s right - day TWENTY-ONE of the sweater. I’m completely amazed and disgusted.

Work has been so busy the past few days. There have been a bazillion emails going back and forth regarding the testing I’m doing, and it’s kind of making me crazy. Good thing I’m an organized person. There are a ton of people involved and they’re all asking about different things. It’s nutso.
Unfortunately, I have a meeting this morning (conference call) that’s scheduled from 11 until 12:30!
Say what?!?!? Bitch, please.
That DIRECTLY interferes with my lunch time plans.
Have they no shame?!?! What’s next? Meetings during my coffee break??
Hell to the no.
Speaking of Whitney....when exactly is her comeback going to happen???

Anyway….Jim and I had a snow-filled weekend. Thank God for Jim. We only have one shovel at the moment, and since I’m the one with back issues, (and I'm 3 months older) he did 99.8% of the shoveling on Saturday. I did a little bit of shoveling. I cleaned off the cars and re-shoveled all around them…and I shoveled a path in the backyard for Scooter. When all was said and done, we had over a foot of snow. It looks so nice, but Sweet Jesus….I’m done for the winter.
Scooter was THRILLED about the snow. He leaps through it grabbing mouthfuls all along the way…it’s hysterical. Jim took some great pictures, which I promise to post asap.
I know, I know…I’m full of empty promises. I hope that during my time off (between Christmas and New Year’s Eve) I can do some posting from home and have a few ‘picture days’ on the blog. Won’t THAT be exciting?!?!? I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it.
At least I think that’s why I’m getting all tingly….

I have to stop writing and get myself together before this 11 o’clock call. There’s nothing more terrifying than being asked a question by some super-important, vice-president-type person, and having no answer prepared….
Junior High, anyone??

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve....

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RG said...

Oh, you can whine all you want. Personally, I'm going "Wine" all I want over the holidays.

Merry-merry to you and yours!