Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I should clarify...

In my post yesterday, I was referring to the fact that the sun is no longer shining when I wake up each morning and how sad that makes me - not the fact that the sun isn't shining at all.
As anyone in the area can attest...the sun was DEFINITELY out yesterday.
Sweet Jesus was it out!!!

I made the crazy-assed choice to go for a walk at lunch time yesterday and I seriously thought I was going to collapse by the the time I got back to work. It was definitely one of those days where I got home, changed, and immediately jumped into the pool. Granted, there were already several people in my pool when I got home, but that's exactly what I expected. Jim's sister and the kids were all there trying to get some relief from the insane heat and humidity.

What a nightmare.

I remember the days when we had a summer that you could actually enjoy, and these crazy, super hot and humid days were a rare occurrence. Now it seems that we get a few enjoyable days mixed in with a huge number of extremely oppressive days. I blame it on all those girls I went to high school with, and their need for huge hair.

Aqua Net ruined my summers!!!!

Anyway....this awful weather is supposed to pass on over the next few days, which means that we'll hopefully have a decent weekend. I hope so anyway.
Jim and I are hosting my family on Saturday and celebrating the birthdays of my three nieces (all who were born in August) and one of my nephews, who also has an August birthday.
We've been doing it for the last few years and it's always a good time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Quick update as far as the adoption 'stuff' is concerned, just to say that there's really nothing to tell you. :-)
We're still waiting to hear from someone as to when the next round of MAPP classes will be starting. It's super frustrating not moving ahead in the process, but I'm sure there's a good reason for it. My guess is that there are currently more people interested in taking the classes than there are people to do the teaching. If that's the case, they have no choice but to wait.
Jim and I have discussed the possibility of taking the MAPP classes in a region other than our own, but we're not sure if that's really an option. If the goal in taking the classes is to get to know your social worker and the people you're going to be dealing with, then it doesn't make much sense to take the class with people other than the folks who will be matching us up with a child in the end.

It's all very annoying, BUT we're staying positive and we keep telling ourselves to be patient, no matter how difficult that may be. :-)

Have a great day, and stay cool!!!

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