Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Man River

No, this is not  post about the musical 'Show Boat', or the current production that's running at the Goodspeed Opera House in Jersey.

It's referring to the fact that apparently I'm a 39 year old man, with the internal organs (or at least one) of a 75 year old.
As I mentioned before (in my diverticulitis post), a majority of the doctors and nurses that I talked to in the hospital said that I was really young to be having diverticulitis.  They did say that they've been seeing quite a few occurrences in younger people, but the majority of the cases we in people much older than me. 
That may be true, but let me tell you - if that's the case, then the information they distribute to diverticulitis patients needs to be updated a tad in order to be a bit more 'inclusive'.

I went for my follow-up appointment on Wednesday afternoon and all went well.  There's no plan for surgery and I just have to do some 'diet modification' in order to keep myself healthy so I can avoid any future problems.  That being said, but the pamphlet they sent me home with, sent me into a spiral of depression (not really)....and at the same time, fits of hysterical laughter. 

Here are a few examples:

This is 'me' and my 'wife' eating an unhealthy diet which, led to me having an unhealthy colon (note the sesame seed bun thrown in for good measure)

This is 'me' displaying the painful onset of a diverticulitis attack.

This is 'me' during my hospital stay, FINALLY up and about.
I'm feeling much better now that I'm in my pink robe and slippers....and black socks?!?!? 

This is 'me' - back to work, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy snacks

And finally, this is 'me' back to normal, and enjoying the fresh air!!!!

Thankfully, I have a sense of humor.....and I know that regardless of what the pamphlet says, I really feel like this inside:

And THAT'S what matters.  ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!!!



Nik_TheGreek said...

i'm sorry to hear you've been having problems. i'm glad you're taking it so well though.
ps. i love the night gown you fashion in the hospital! it goes very well with the lovely hair you re wearing!

RG said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and that your insides are all Ben Cohen 'n stuff.

I'd love to be all Ben Cohen, but in a different context.

Blobby said...

the 'you' enjoying that game of golf looks like GWHB in Kennibunkport taking a swing and a dump at the same time. Hardly the picture errrr...drawing of health!

But glad things are feeling better and that you're doing better.

Jim said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I'm finally accepting that I have weak lungs; this week I was told I have bronchitis again. Not fun at all.

I feel like Ben too though... and that IS all that matters!

Ur-spo said...

you are also young enough to be plastic enough to heal and mend; given some changes in diet etc.

D@vid said...

Too funny... I know from taking my Aunt between the doctor and the hospital every other day, it's a pain in the, well almost, ass. Stay strong!