Thursday, September 10, 2009

If you can't say something nice...

Can I just bitch for one second?

As I've mentioned before, I was recently assigned to a new project here at work. It's the first project I've been working on that requires me to test the 'new' company's systems. Well, I still have no way to access any of the systems I need to use. I have no user ids or passwords and neither of the applications are able to be put onto my machine.
So, I'm absolutely, one-hundred percent useless. It's very frustrating.
I have been able to sit with someone and they've been kind enough to go through some of the set-up with me and they've even run some of the tests so that I can at least verify the results. However, in trying to do that, we ran into a few problems and need to work with the developer to figure out what's wrong. That totally normal, but the problem is, I can't expect someone who's helping me out to stop everything they're doing in order to help me fix my issues.

SO, as a result, I sit around waiting and waiting for a 'good time' to bother them again. It's not fair (to them or me) and it's really annoying.

My boss is out this week and the last I heard, they were 'closer' to getting my access approved. Meanwhile, there are consultants here that walk in the door and are able to work on the systems right away. Sure....THAT makes sense.

Sorry about complaining....but it's REALLY irritating.

Anyway....I went to see a show last night!!!!
That's all I have to say about that.
(see the title of today's entry)

Speaking of shows...I'm 99% sure that I'm going to be helping out with the SpeakEasy Stage Company's production of (my beloved) [title of show]!!!!!
I approached Paul (the director) and told him that I couldn't commit to working on the show every night of its run, but if he needed someone to help him out during the rehearsal process, I could make myself available. It would be like a 3 1/2 week commitment as opposed to 6 weeks or so - which is much more 'do-able' for me.
He replied and said that he would love to have me help out, although he's not sure exactly what he wants me to do just yet. Maybe I'll just be the go-fer, or maybe I'll be more involved in the 'dramaturgy' for the show. For those of you not in the theatre biz, in simple terms, the dramaturg is pretty much the one who does all the research for a show. For example, if there's some random reference made in a show, the dramaturg will do the necessary research in order to figure out what the reference actually means, so the actor isn't clueless as to what they're talking about...stuff like that.
Since I'm such a [title of show] fan (OK - I'm obsessed) it would be a lot of fun to research all the stuff they mention in the show in addition to researching the history of the show itself.
Whatever I'm asked to do, I'm willing to be that I'll enjoy it. :-)

In other news, I heard on the radio this morning that Ellen Degeneres is going to fill Paula Abdul's spot on 'American Idol'?!?!? I think that's gonna be fun and I'm VERY interested in seeing how that all works out.
I love Ellen and I can't wait to see her. I'm guessing that she will make things quite interesting.

That's all for now.....have a very happy Thursday and thanks again for letting me vent.

I feel much better already.



Larry Ohio said...

Ellen's really cool, but I read it is just going to be for a one-week guest judge gig.

'Dramaturgy' -- wow a completely new word for me. I had to look it up. (You can tell which side of the footlights I've always been on). It's broadly defined as the work it takes to convert a story that can be read into a story that can be acted out. That sounds like a rewarding job to have.

Have fun with it.

Amy said...

Yay, bitching! ^5!

Ellen rocks.

cb said...

If you are looking for a show title, may I suggest "Smylla's Sense of Snow"? It just... works. You know?