Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today would have been my mother's 70th birthday.

(for the 'newbies', here's a little background)

I would imagine that we would have thrown a big, old crazy surprise birthday party for her....and I'm sure she would have LOVED it.
Whenever we were at any sort of function that had music and dancing, she was on the dance floor for just about the entire night. (with either a 7 & 7 or a CC & Ginger close by) :-)
She was especially fond of the line dances of her time - she could Hully-Gully with the best of them, and loved teaching them to people who'd never done them before.
Had the Electric Slide been popular 'back in the day', I know that she would have been a BIG fan.

I don't want to get all sad and emotional, but wanted to dedicate today's entry to her and wish her a happy 70th!!!

This is ME, circa 1977 or so....nice.


Larry Ohio said...

OMG I love your pose!!!

Dead Robot said...

Yeah the hand flip is so telling.

I'm sure she's having a good time wherever it is we go after this place.

RG said...

And when did your parents first realize that you were gay? LOL

K & K said...

Okay, so, I just read the original post for the first time. As I sit here, with tears rolling down my face, I fondly remember your mom. I am sure she is celebrating right now with a 7 & 7. Here's to you Paula!

Amy said...

Have some cake and drink for mom. If it's chocolate, save me some.

love your picture, but cowboy boots? That would have MADE the ensemble!

AJohnP said...

OK...I should probably know this, but who are you K&K?!?!?
I'm going out of my mind trying to figure it out, so I'm just going to ask. :-)

Jim said...

What a nice way to remember your mom.

Love your picture, that pose is priceless! It just screams gay!

Kyle said...

Terrific, dedication to your mom John.

living with baby {b} said...

Happy 70th Birthday to Paula!

K & K said...

Sorry John. I forgot that it came up that way. It is me, Kelli G.
I remember the days when you and Paula used to pick me up in the woody wagon.

AJohnP said...

Oh my lord...the woody wagon. Mint green (or was it sea foam green?) and faux wood paneling. LOVE IT.
And that mean little red-headed girl who bit me once. I wish I knew what her name was, I'd love to find her. I wonder if she's on facebook??? :-)

Melissa said...

Beautiful post, John :)