Friday, June 8, 2012

When It's Time to Change...

The day that I never thought would arrive, has arrived.  :-)

Today is my last day at my current job.  When people ask me how long I've been with the company, it's kind of difficult to give a simple answer, because it's a complicated situation.  I generally say that I've been here just about 11 years, but then I have to add the qualifier that I've only been with my 'current' company for the past 5 years, but I was with the previous company for 6 years, before they were acquired by my current company.  Make sense?  It's been just about 11 years in total, but that technically split up between two companies.

That being said, it's been a long time since I've started a BRAND new job....and that will happen on Monday.  YIKES!  As you'd expect, I'm a little bit nervous, but mostly excited.  For the first time since 1996, I won't be working for a financial company, and that alone sends me through the roof.
There will be no talk of trade processing, no buys and sells to process, no variation margins, no trade extracts, no amortization, etc.and that makes me very happy.

I'll be sure you do my best to keep you all updated as to how things are going, you can be sure of that.

In the meantime, our little boy, Zachary underwent his second (and hopefully final) surgery last Wednesday and is doing great with his recuperation. 
Here are some photos:

Jim and Zachary hanging out before he went in for the surgery (Jim went downstairs with him, which explains why he's in scrubs)

One last photo before he went down to the O.R.

He was very sleepy/cuddly after surgery, and required a constant flow of oxygen 'mist' just to be safe.

Spending some time with Scooter at home after being discharged.  The 'braces' on his arms are to keep him from putting anything in his mouth, since that's where the surgery was....they're only temporary, and he doesn't mind wearing them. 
For the most part.  :-)

As I mentioned, Z is doing well with his recovery and aside from having a little bit of a cold (of course) he's just about back to normal.

In other news, Jim and I got a bit of bad news/shock of our lives when the pool company came to open our pool yesterday afternoon. 
Long story short:  They took off the pool cover, and the pool was empty.


It seems that there's a leak in the liner, and we'll need to get a new one ASAP.  Of course, we don't have an extra $4,000 lying around (which is the estimated cost) so we're going to have to do some creative financial planning in order to take care of it.  Until then, we've got an eyesore of a pool that we have to keep under lock and key, since it's a very dangerous place right now.

Here's a picture of what we saw when it was opened, and the picture doesn't nearly capture what it really looks like.  It looks AWFUL and we feel like ultra white-trash having this mess in our backyard.

I look forward to the day (hopefully SOON) when I can post some "Look at our beautiful new pool!!" pictures.  :-)

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on what's going on in my world.
Thank you again for all your kind words and support.

Also - to all my Boston readers, have a GREAT Pride weekend!!!!


L.S. said...

best of luck on Monday! here's to a great start!

Also - i had to wear those arm braces as a baby when I had my eye surgeries. they'd patch my good eye to teach the bad one to see, but i would always pull off the patch. so they made it so i couldn't bend my dang arms. apparently i didn't take it well. thank goodness i don't remember it. :)

Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm so glad Zachary's going well! Hopefully he's done with all this.

Good luck with the new job. :-D

SteveA said...

I've been in finance all my life - all in all about 15 yrs - wow! PwC and then Hedge Funds. I can't imagine what I'd do if I left that field - but I often dream I am like Kevin Spacey in Amercian Beauty!

Your son is and jesse dreamed of a girl!

Erik Rubright said...

Multiple congratulations!!!

Ur-spo said...

such news!
It is always exciting to see one chapter end/another begin.
Good luck with the job and the pool!

Blobby said...

Glad to hear things are good w Zach (and Scooter). Sorry about the pool. That bites - where will I swim this summer??

But great on the new job - even if you didn't get to have your whoopie pie party.

Blobby said... the Peter Brady song title!

cb said...

Best of luck with the new job! And here's hoping the little guy is back raising hell soon!

RG said...

I'm glad Z is recovering well! He's such a good lad!

Sorry to read about the pool. I have an idea, why don't I come down and visit driving a super-lifted pick-up truck and park on your front lawn. Then, I can go to the pool area, play some C&W music and throw empty beer cans into the "pool". LOL

Cubby said...

Well, today's Tuesday -- how'd things go at the new job? I was thinking about you.