Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lists, lists, lists....

1. I'm writing this entry on my iPhone.
2. I miss you all somethin' terrible.
3. The new job is great.
4. The people here are happy.
5. The people here are friendly.
6. The people here chat with one another and have fun.
7. My commute is long, but it's not 'traffic-y' so I don't mind.
8. Jim is glad to have the 'old' John back.
9. I'm glad to have the 'old' John back.
10. Keep your 'old' comments to yourself.
11. Zachary is doing great since his surgery and is back to normal.
12. We are all set to have the pool re-lined as well as getting some other 'cosmetic' stuff done in the pool area.
13. Jim and Scooter can't wait to swim.
14. I split a second pair of pants at work last week.
15. My diet starts today.
16. Lists make blogging easy.
17. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as the pool area transformation is underway.
18. xoxo


Cubby said...

Congratz again on the new job. I am so relieved for you.

Nik_TheGreek said...

when you say cosmetic stuff done, do you mean a pool boy?

Ur-spo said...

1. I miss you
2. I was glad to see you post
3. I hope to see some photos soon
4. I hope too you blog again !

Blobby said...

All I saw was 'old'.....and no picture of Scooter. You're dead to me. :)

RG said...

Splitting Pants - good thing you're not playing softball in the catcher position - no pun intended - huh? But then again, softball pants ARE stretchy! LOL

Glad to see you back.