Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stanley Cup comes home!!!!

Hooray for the Boston Bruins!!!  My goodness, what an exciting night it was.  Admittedly, I didn't watch the entire game from beginning to end because I just find hockey WAY too stressful to watch.  I was switching back and forth and kept my eye on things.  I did watch the final 10 minutes or so, plus all the post-game coverage, which was so fun to see.

Aside from the crazy Vancouver fans trashing their city, things were quite peaceful here in Boston.  Even in our little town 45 minutes south of the city there were some fireworks set off, which led to a chorus of cheers from all the neighbors.  It was pretty funny....Scooter didn't find it amusing at all, but I was happy that I stayed awake to see the historic win.

As you all know, I'm not a rabid sports fan, but the fact that in the past 10 years Boston has won 7 championships in all 4 sports - is pretty cool.  And as I mentioned on Facebook, Scooter has been by my side for each of the final games.  Jim may have been sound asleep (and Scooter may have been too) but at least he was in the room with me. 

Scooter - 'watching' game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with me.

My new hero, Bruin's goalie - Timmy Thomas

In other news, today is Kerry's birthday!!!  Kerry and I met my freshman year at UNH, and became the best of friends my sophomore year.  We've remained friends since then and pretty much talk every day.
She'll kill me for posting these pictures, but she looks a hell of a lot better in them than I do!!!


Kerry and I, right before my final GENTS show (Spring, 1994)

Getting ready to paint the town red.  The 'town' being Manchester, NH

We. Are. Ready.  Look out Colosseum....HERE WE COME!!!!


Cubby said...

Wow, Timmy's kind of cute ;-)

Congratz to the Bruins!

Nik_TheGreek said...

nice glasses... :-p

living with baby {b} said...

love the pics of you and kerry! Happy Birthday, Kerry!!

Jim S. said...

Did you mean AVID sports fan, or really meant to say "rabid" as in a sports fan with rabies.

AJohnP said...

I totally meant rabid. You know the type...foaming at the mouth, screaming, losing their minds over eveything....rabid. :-)

cb said...

Yeah, I guess I was happy for boston.

Too bad about the vacouver riots tho

BosGuy said...

Did you get a chance to come into the city for the parade? Families were everywhere. I pulled together a 2-minute video so I could remember the fun.

On a more personal note - that's a great dad's day gift in the following post.

Anonymous said...

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