Wednesday, May 18, 2011

13 days later....

For those of my readers who enjoy my 'Update' posts - this one is for you!!! :-)

OK - I'm not going to deny that it's been 13 days since my last post, and yes - that's totally unacceptable. But it's not entirely my fault. At some point during those 13 days, Blogger was being a brat and wouldn't work for me (or anyone else for that matter) so when I TRIED to write an entry, I couldn't.

Since we last 'spoke' -

I saw 'The Drowsy Chaperone' at SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston and really enjoyed it. It has received RAVE reviews, and they're extending their run.....GO SEE IT!!!

Jim, Zachary, and I visited with friends from out of town who we hadn't seen in a long time....they're doing great, and it was a blast spending time with them again. They need to move back to MA...and that's that.

I played two softball games on Mother's Day - we won one (YAY!) and lost one (BOO!) but we played very well...a far cry from how we played opening weekend. There's hope!

Work, work, work....Zachary's 4 month appointment....seriously, FOUR MONTHS already?!?!
Craziness. After talking to his ENT specialist and pediatrician, we're going ahead with getting tubes put in. More on that later....but we're hoping that we get all the necessary approvals and we can put these ear infections behind us. Fingers crossed!!

We hung out with K and B, and brought Z to his first show!!! Well, he was AT the theatre, but we didn't watch much of it. I ended up feeding him during the first act, and then after intermission, he felt like 'talking', so we played in the lobby for a bit. I will say that when he was in the theatre itself (while the show was going on) he was silent and seemed fascinated by the kids on stage. He's sure to be an excellent audience member.

On Saturday (5/14) we I cleaned the house from top to bottom, while Jim cleaned up the yard, and then we met up with a couple of friends for dinner (one of my high school friends). After dinner, Jim took Zachary home and continued to prepare the house for Z's Christening the following day. I went to see what turned out to be an AMAZING production of 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' (apparently I'm only seeing Sutton Foster 'vehicles' this month) at a local high school. Seriously....this production blew me away. I can't even wait to see something there again. Rumor has it that they're producing 'Les Miserables' next year, which I'm SURE will be amazing. These were some of the most talented high school kids I've ever seen. Crazy.

Sunday was Zachary's Christening and it was a really fantastic day. We kept it very small, only inviting our families and closest friends - and in spite of the rain, it was a perfect day.
Some day we'll be able to post picture of all these amazing events that I'm talking about - but until then, you'll just have to be patient. :-)

I went to the dentist and Scooter went to the vet on Monday, and it's been raining all damn week...with no sign of relief (or the sun) in sight.

Now you're all caught up!!!!

Now it's my turn....I've got some SERIOUS blog reading to do.
Peace out!


Nik_TheGreek said...

Hey, welcome back!
I'm glad the Christening went so well!
You thinking of putting Z on stage?

AJohnP said...

Whether he likes it or not!! ;-)

Jim said...

So good to hear from you again! We all know you're busy with the baby and life, we'll wait patiently for the updates.

Beartoast said...

Busy life! Glad things are going well. Take care of your selves as you take care of Mr. Z

Ur-spo said...

Peace out to you too dearie, and thank you for the updates !

Anonymous said...

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