Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thirteen Days?!?!?

I should be taken out back and beaten.

I've become one of those bloggers that make me crazy. You know, the type that never blog. :-)

I SWEAR, I'll try to be better....I really do miss it and want to get back to writing regularly.
I think it puts me in a better mood each day.

That being said - things are going great with me!!!

Note: My job stil sucks and I despise it, but enough of that negativity. :-)

Since I last wrote Jim and I saw the national tour of 'HAIR' (it was a fun night out, but we didn't love it), softball practices started, my softball team threw us a baby 'shower', we met up with another gay couple that are in the process of adopting, we celebrated our four year anniversary of having Scooter, and Zachary is still battling his ear infections.

Even though he's having some trouble shaking the latest round of ear infections, he's still a great baby and as happy as ever. We're taking him to see his ear, nose, and throat specialist on Friday just to make sure there isn't anything that we should be worried about, but according to his pediatrician, it's more of a preventative thing than anything to be concerned about.
I'm hoping that once the warm weather arrives (assuming it ever does!) he will stop getting them....but we'll see!!

This week is school vacation week around these parts, so it's a pretty quiet week here at work. I was off yesterday, and I'm off Friday, so this week is sure to be a good one.
(consider myself jinxed)

Hopefully this will be the return of me blogging regularly....I KNOW you all miss me so.


Nik_TheGreek said...

OK, you're being bad at blog! Then you blog and you don't even use a photo of Zachary or Scooter! What's wrong with you? How are you going to win your readers over?

Cubby said...

No worries John.

Jim said...

Good to hear things are going well for you.

Your loyal fans will still be here for you.

Blobby said...

ummmm.....Scooter's big day and no pic for his adoring public?????