Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Mahhhhhhch!

Hey y'all!

I'm going to do my best to refrain from starting off every blog entry with an apology for not blogging more often. Let's face it my peeps, anyone who reads this blog with any regularity is well aware of what's going on in my life and when they see I've posted a new entry they're probably so THRILLED to see it, that they don't even care why it took me so long!! ;-)

I can't even believe that it's March already! How crazy. I'm very happy that it is, but yeesh - time sure flies around these parts, don't it?!?!?

Things are going quite well with everything at home. We're all adjusting to work/life/daycare quite well, if I may say so. The craziest days for me are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are the days that I drop Scooter off at daycare in the morning, pick him up after work, drop him off at home, and then run right out the door to pick up Zachary at daycare. It's a lot of running around in a very short amount of time, but so far, so good!

I'm apparently getting accustomed to feeling slightly hungover at all times. I still haven't had a single drop of alcohol (since January 16th) yet each day I wake up feeling like I went on a small bender the night before. However, I'm managing to ignore the constant, dull, headaches - exhaustion - baody aches - and slight nausea, and press on through the day.
Who said fatherhood wasn't fun?!?!? :-)

Did I mention that we're still taking the trip down to Ft. Myers? I think I may have, but if I hadn't - now you know. We're heading down on the 21st and staying until the 25th and I can't even wait! Not only am I excited to go to Florida for the week, but I'm so looking forward to my Dad and Betty meeting Zachary for the first time. My sister Donna is flying down with us and staying until Thursday, so not only will she be there to lend a hand if need be, but she gets a little vacation of her own!!!

Jim and I are going to see the Red Sox play Tampa Bay on Tuesday night, which I'm SO excited for. I imagine that we'll also do the 'touristy thing' at some point and go to the practice fields to meet/watch the players. I'd love to get a picture of Zachary with a player of two, so that we can show it to him when he's a little older. I'd also like to get my picture taken with a player or two...but for an entirely different reason. ;-)

Other than the Red Sox stuff, we're just hoping for some good weather so we can go to the beach or pools, and not be at work!!

OK my friends, enough blabbering....I's got some work to do!!



Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm glad you're managing to sort everything out!
You sound so happy and I'm so glad for you... :-D

Cubby said...

You should be a coverboy for Modern Daddy magazine.

Blobby said...

ugh. The Red Sox. Well, I suppose it's better than the Yankees. :)

cb said...

I just want to eat you up!

The bearded guy isn't bad either!

Beartoast said...

Sleep deprivation does strange things. It will get better! Happy daddy-hood!