Friday, January 7, 2011

Fridays are FUN!!!!

Happy Friday to one and all!!!

I'm writing this blog entry from a different office than usual, as it is Friday, and that's my 'remote meeting' day. I'm part of the Communication Committee here at work, and every Friday we meet at 10am in one of the other buildings (where all the big wigs are).
Since I have back to back meetings from 9 to 10 and then 10 to 11, it makes more sense for me to start my day in the 'other' building and head to my normal office after the 10 o'clock meeting.

Now that you know that completely USELESS piece of information, I'll move on.

Thanks again for all your positive and insightful comments about my job situation. It's nice to hear from people who have 'been there' and yes, I'll say it - are a bit more 'seasoned' than myself, so they clearly know what they're talking about. It's a little sad to see that my company is heading in the typical, awful, un-loving, direction that so many others are - but I'm not at all surprised.

Anyway - enough work talk!!!

I'm looking forward to my Orlando trip next week, but I'm still a lil' sad that Jim isn't coming with me. It's going to be really weird traveling alone (I never have) so I'm planning on reading a lot and keeping myself entertained. I just hope the person next to me on the plane doesn't mind me gripping their leg in terror during take-off. Jim never does. :-)
Once Thursday night rolls around, and my friends start arriving, I'm sure I'll be fine, but all the logistical crap (getting to the hotel, checking in, blah, blah, blah...) will be weird for me to be doing alone.
I'm sure most of you can't even remotely relate, but I've never travelled for work, so the entire concept is very foreign to me.
So, back off. ;-)

In other travelling news, Jim surprised me last night with an early birthday present!!! He informed me that we're heading to Ft. Myers for a week in March!!!
We're going to be staying with my parents while we're there and will be seeing two Red Sox Spring Training games. My dad works for the Red Sox at City of Palms Park, so I'm hoping we get some 'special treatment' while we're there. We've been there to visit before, but it was at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, so even though we got a tour of the park, we never got to see a game. I'm VERY excited to go.....I'm sure we'll have a great time.
The fact that we're staying with my parents is great, because we not only get to visit with them, but save a TON of money!!!
VERY exciting.

OK peeps...I'm getting back to work now. I hope you all have a super Friday, and a great weekend!!!!



Blobby said...

I remember my first few work trips alone. Very strange and not sure about points a to b. I won't minimize your anxiety, but overall, it can be pretty seamless. We only hate it when the inexperienced hold up the security line. :)

Have fun - enjoy the trip. And if you have to grip someone's leg, just make sure you sit next to someone with great thighs.

Cubby said...

The Ft. Myers trip sounds great, as do the Red Sox. Greg and I used to watch the Indians spring training in Winter Haven, FL years ago. Those games were always fun. It was small enough that it felt more like a high school baseball game than a professional one. Have fun.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Oh, early birthday presents! I do love those... I'm sure you'll have a great time

Ron said...

My partner (of 46 years) doesn't like to travel. I've always traveled alone save for one trip in which he went with me and stayed holed up in the hotel room the whole time. I've always envied those gay guys who traveled in groups with their friends but I did alright by myself. You get used to it.
As far as those Friday Morning 10 am meetings, BEEN THERE< DONE THAT. By the way, when they do eliminate your job they won't tell you at one of those meetings. They'll tell you with just you, your boss and a witness (or two) from HR. That's the Harvard Business School protocol for "right sizing" (aka getting rid of the high salaried employees who can be replaced with lower salaried employees.)
Enjoy your trip!

BosGuy said...

Happy Friday to you too. Snuggle up together tonight... I think we're in for more snow.

And have fun in FL.

Ur-spo said...

I am always glad to hear about your updates.
I think you a lucky man to have a fellow so considerate to arrange a surprise trip; I would love this.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Just to let you know I've nominated you for a 'Stylish blogger Award'. You can check it out. :-)
I know you're busy though

BosGuy said...

How was working in Orlando? You missed a cold week in Boston for sure; not to mention all the snow.

Just thought I'd stop by to say hello and find out how the business trip went for you.


cb said...

Let's hope you get to see a LOT of Jason Varitek.