Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a dustin'

Well, our brand new driveway got its first 'taste' of snow...and I'm happy to say it wasn't a lot.

Jim was hoping that we'd get a 'real' snow storm, but I was hoping it would blow out to sea.
Thankfully, this time - I won. :-)

It did snow, but hardy enough to even call it that. I was able to melt it all on my windshield by just putting on my car there you have it.

The weekend was busy, but fun. We went out to dinner, went to a Christmas party with friends, went grocery shopping, and then I spent the entire day yesterday making whoopie pies.

Since they were such a 'hit' at the last work event, people have been asking me to bring them again, so I did. I ended up quadrupling the recipe, which ended up making 62 whoopee pies. That's a total of 124 individual cakes, which took 21 'trips' to the oven. Pain. In. The. Ass.
Not to mention the fact that in order to fill those cakes, for the quadrupled recipe, I ended up making 5 times the normal amount of filling. :-)

That being was a fun day, and I can enjoy the fact that they're all done. Hopefully, they'll go over well at work again, and there aren't any other parties come up, when I'll have to make them!

Today is VERY quiet at work, and I have a feeling that's how the rest of the week will be.
Fine by me. The quieter, the better!

I'm going to head upstairs and get some coffee. Tonight I'm going to dinner with a friend who shall remain nameless. I'm her date for her work office party and it's a VERY exclusive event at a super, fancy-pants restaurant in Boston. I can't wait....I'm sure we'll have a GREAT time.

Stay tuned for the details tomorrow!!!

Have a great day!



Blobby said...

ummm....yes to the one on the right.

Anonymous said...

What's a whoopee pie?
Brother Bear

Ur-spo said...

more flat stomachs !