Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waiting and waiting.....

As I sit here at work waiting for an export to complete, I figured I'd drop by to say hello. Of course, Thats assuming that people are still reading and remember that I exist. Although, truth be told, I can't blame them if they forgot about me, it's been a while since I blogged with any kind of consistency.

So, since I last wrote, some CRAZY shit has gone down in the city of Boston.
I'm happy to report that all my friends who were in and around the affected part of the city on Monday are safe and sound.
As it is with any other tragic event, you can't help but feel a little (or a lot) uneasy about what happened and what it means for your future. That's an area where I used to walk just about every day back when I was working in the city, so to have something so horrible occur someplace so familiar to me is quite frightening.

Let's just hope that they find whoever did this, and fast!!!



cb said...

Well, they caught the one and killed the other. And you guys are safe...phew!

Ur-spo said...

I am tardy visiting blogland - I hope you will post again soon?