Friday, November 30, 2012

Way overdue...

"How are things in Glocca Morra???"

What?!?!  You act like it's been two months since I've updated my blog.....yeesh.

OK - guilty as charged.  I realize that it's been a long time, but believe me - while I'm not updating as often (or at all) I think about you all quite often, and know that you're out here in the blogosphere waiting and waiting for an update.  :-)

So, let's see......the show I was in (The Drowsy Chaperone) is over and done with, and was a LOT of fun.  We played to sold out houses and the show was very well received.  OK, the theatre sits 75, but STILL....that doesn't necessarily guarantee a sell out! 
That being said, it was great to be back on stage again after so long and I'm looking forward to my next stage adventure.  Speaking of, Jim is actually in rehearsals right now for a play at the very same theatre, which goes up in February.  Such a talented family we are.

Other than that, nothing new is going on.  Work is as busy as ever, and I'm still enjoying it. 
I feel badly for my former co-workers who are unfortunately still dealing with the unstable work environment I was so happy to escape from.  Rumors of layoffs are still flying over there and with the upcoming holidays, people are STRESSED.

In addition to being in rehearsals for his own show, Jim is directing a show (which opens in 2 weeks), still taking care of Zachary all day long, and is currently working part time (seasonal help) at the local Crate & Barrel.  Needless to say, he's a tad busy.  Hopefully we'll manage to have some extra cash, which we so desperately need, and we won't spend it all on Crate and Barrel 'stuff'.  It will be difficult I'm sure, as we both love that store, but we can do it!

OK - I'm interrupting my normally scheduled blog post to tell you that as I was writing this entry, I received a Facebook message from the ever delightful (and fellow blogger) Blobby, inquiring as to whether or not I ever planned to update my blog.  Isn't that CRAZY?!??  Seriously....what the hell are the odds???
Obviously, he's spying on me.  Anyway....I thought you should all know that just happened.

So - it's Friday afternoon and I should be doing one of the 5,000 things I need to do, but I decided to update my blog and spread a lil' love around the Internets.

I hope you're all well, and you're having a super fun holiday season (if that's your 'thing')


Here's a picture of this year's Halloween costumes.
Yes, Scooter was a skeleton's his favorite. 
As you can clearly see.


Cubby said...

I think Blobby has good taste in his objects of adoration.

Blobby said...

Someone's gotta keep the man honest! If you're gonna call yourself a blogger, then you may as well blog. It's THAT simple!

aah...he knows i love him. ...and Scooter.

Blobby said...

Wait. Your NORMALLY scheduled blog post?

Yeah- once ever 2 mos seems about right for a normally scheduled blog post. Slacker.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Wow, you people are really busy. I'm glad you're doing fine. I utterly love the picture of Zachary and Scooter.

Ur-spo said...

I stop by regularly, hoping to see you post. I was delighted to see you doing such ! thanks for the updates.

cb said...

is the kid getting all excited for xmas?

Will said...

The blue outfit is wonderful. Nice to hear from you again!

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